Love Is In The Air

Weingut Maximin Grünhaus
Schloss Riesling 2021
VDP. Gutswein
Practicing organic but not certified/sustainable
Mertesdorf, Ruwer Valley, Germany
Winemaker: Maximin von Schubert

Shining gentle golden glass. Sniffing light melon, crisp pear, light cucumber, a touch of tangerine/grapefruit, and a tiny pinch of pie spice. Mmm sipping and it’s fresh and dry. There’s crisp pear blended with green tart apple and ooh a little tingle, honeydew, and a touch of kirby peel. Now this is a riesling I can really get into.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: delicious and clean fruit

I just love finding out the history of lands and this estate is filled with a king, a kaiser (not a roll), an abbey, and the part I love most…the dowry (maybe if I had one of those I’d finally be hitched). When Conrad von Schubert asked for Ida Von Stumm’s hand in marriage, he not only ended up with her but also the whole estate. Passed through the generations, it’s now with Maximin von Schubert, and he and his wife & kids are doing a beautiful job caring for the land, vines & castle. Oh and back to weddings, you can also book your own at stately Schloss Maximin Grünhaus and celebrate with one of their special sparklers. I think that would be a perfectly romantic day (hint, hint)! 💍

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