I Love Spirited Surprises!

Golden Moon Distillery
Golden Moon Gin
45% ABV
Golden, CO (A little Golden city trivia, this is where Jolly Ranchers were born!)
Founder, CEO, and master distiller: Stephen Gould

Nice clear pour. Nose tingling juniper berries are followed by mint, lavender, coriander, and a breeze of wild flowers. This baby is very fragrant. In fact when I was binge watching with my S.O. this past week and he was sipping away (I had my fave glass of cava), I was so impressed with how the scents flew through the room. Ooh…my mouth is vibrating in a good way. Fabulous tastes of juniper, a few pine needles, mint, lavender, fresh ground coriander, rosemary, thyme, and anise at the back of my tongue along with a smidge of candy cane. Do we see a holiday theme going lately? It’s explosions of all the flavors at once. I recommend to chill well and serve neat. Don’t mess it up by covering it up in a cocktail.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: As would be said on “Wayne’s World”: HURL!

This bottle was quite a surprise gift, and it blew past all expectations. As y’all know, I love when people work with what they have local, and Golden Moon sources as much as they can in Colorado, and they also give back to the earth post distilling by recycling the waste back into compost. Kind of like their own little “Circle of Life”. Also if you want some cocktail cues from the master (Stephen Gould) check out his videos on “The Distiller’s Basement”.

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Pucker Up

Trve Brewing Co.
World’s Blood
High Plains Ale
Denver, CO
Golden ale fermented in oak with spontaneous microbes
5.7% abv
Acquired at Sugarburg

A fuzzy gold pour. Letting it air out a little and then there’s lemon, tangerine, hoppiness, something yeasty and should I say bretty. Time for the sip. Whoa, this baby is lemony tart, then celery, yeasty (yeah, I’m talking like what was sprinkled on the free popcorn from my college dive bar days), refreshing, and super early green tart apple. There’s some funk, but I embrace it. The more I drink, the tart levels out a bit, but it is still there. Also some fresh green and dried white pepper. Honestly, this wild ale feels like a sour. As Trve says on their site, “Our beers may or may not exactly adhere to any particular guidelines – we’re style blasphemers and category agnostics – but you can count on the fact that we’ll always brew damn good beer.”

Pairs with Cheez-its: tones back the acid tart

For a heavy metal brewery, this isn’t exactly pairing with a metal song for me, but it’s a sharp sour fun summer beer.  Since it’s not working with metal for me, let’s lean in to the industrial side: Revolting Cocks “da ya think I’m sexy”

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