Flying Free

Fabrizio Vella
(Cantine Rallo)
Catarratto 2021
Non Filtrato
Terre Siciliane IGP
Organic grapes grown in Marsala, no additives, indigenous yeasts, unfiltered
Sicily, Italy
Winemaker: Fabrizio Vella

Warm golden happiness in a glass. Breathing in golden delicious apple, hyacinth, orange squish and zest, a pinch of an herby blend (thyme, basil & more), lemons, and as it opens a smidge of warm spice. Ooh this tastes really good…there’s a crunch of green apple, lemon/lime twang, a sliver of honey dew, and hmmm…wait…it’s mango (but just a little), then Valencia orange & tangerine mix, and a mix of those herbs again, and a mineral shake of salt.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Just lovely

Oh what is it about Catarratto or this wine in particular? It’s enchanting and alive. How shall I put this so I don’t sound like a nut..when I continue to taste this bottle it’s like a vibrant burst of butterflies flying free to realms unknown. I hope that makes sense. There’s some sort of natural magic in Fabrizio Vella’s wine that probably has a lot to do about his dedication to working with indigenous grapes and the fact that they’re brought up the right way: organic, biodynamic farming & NO ADDITIVES. 🦋

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