It’s All About Nothing

CR 2021
Macabeu 80%, Grenache Noir 20%
Biodynamic, organic
Calce, Côtes Catalanes, France
Winemakers: Raphael Baissas de Chastenet & Oscar Mancillas

Chilled maroon sunset with blue bits. Breathing in plums, cherries, blackberries & deep raspberries, a bit of funk followed by a touch of basil and next an orange & lemon zest, and a whiff of smoke. Sipping and all of the sniffer bits are right there with more smoke or even peat, Red Delicious apples, pear crunch, a mix of red & green strawberries (caps and all), and a shake of white pepper. Just dang delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: juicy bouncy fun

What do you get when you put two guys in a natural wine bar and a few shared bottles of wine…NADA. Yes, it is about nothing…no sulfites, no pesticide, and nothing that might harm the environment and also us. It’s just a celebration of what Calce can produce, and how two winemakers from different parts of the world make their magic work. Ralph’s originally from Perpignan had a start in wine as a kid working with his grandfather but bounced a bit in city life (he has a thing for graffiti) & IT until the vines came calling again. Oscar’s roots come from Ensenada, Mexico & a classically trained background in wine so when these two became friends, it’s easy to see why they creatively clicked. And when you taste their wines, you can feel their exuberance, passion, sense of place, and honestly a lust for life. 🍷

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Loving the Flip Side

Face B
Pif Paf
Brut Nature NV
Blanquette de Limoux AOP
Mauzac  & Chenin Blanc
Organic, hand harvested, Méthode Champenoise, bottle aged for 18 months
Calce, Roussillon, France
Winemaker: Séverin Barioz 

Pale pretty yellow. Ooh breathing in sweet wisteria, magnolias, honeysuckle, apples, and creamy mellow pears. Those apples and pears reappear in taste and also a creamy feel. Next comes some honey but not overly sweet because there’s fresh crisp citrus bits with a little hazelnut, and grass.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: it’s an ideal pairing

From what I’m seeing the name Face B comes from the B-side of a single. You remember those…right? Well, can you believe the Smith’s “How Soon is Now” was a B-side? Seriously, it was on the back of “William, It Was Really Nothing” in 1984. See just because it’s the flip side, doesn’t mean it’s 2nd tier. Just like this bottle of bubbly give it a chance and you’ll find that your “B” is really an “A”.

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