Brut Nature
Sparkling wine
Voskehat 40%, Khatuni 30%, Banants 30%
Hand harvested
Vineyards are in the Vayots Dzor region, Armenia
Owners: Kaprielian Family

Light gold twinkling starlight with fine active bubbles, and as time goes by it turns more warm golden. Scents float up of toasty brioche & a bit of Nilla wafers, pears, peach cobbler, yellow plums, apricots, kumquat, and just a touch of magnolia. Sipping and all of the scents are right there, but lighter on the brioche & wafers, and tagging along is a blend of golden & red delicious apples, a small sprinkle of salt, and a citrus/key lime zing. It’s crisp, bright, elegant, and I absolutely love it and wish I had few more bottles on hand.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Step away from the bag

Takri means “roots” in the Artsakh dialect, where their winery was originally located, but they were sadly uprooted due to war/conflict and this wasn’t the first time. Their ancestors were also in the wine business owning 11 vineyards before the Armenian genocide. I reached out to them wondering where this bottle originated, it turns out these “grapes are sourced from Armenia proper”, but they do still have still have “other vintages that are available for purchase are made with grapes from our vineyard in Artsakh.” I had read that they found new property in Armenia, but couldn’t imagine what they have been going through. So I reached out again to find out how the progress was going, and I received word that everything is up in the air due to the blockade. Their inventory and people cannot leave…my heart sank for them. They also sent a link to an article on Amnesty International’s site (2/9/23) detailing the conditions people are living in. Hoping and praying that peace will come, people will be safe and secure, and I’ll get the opportunity to try more of their lovely wines in the future.

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