Small But Powerful

La Ganghija
Langhe D.O.C. Chardonnay 2018
100% Chardonnay
Only stainless steel tanks used, bottles made by Albeisa that are lighter on the environment
Treiso, Piemonte, Italy
Winemaker: Enzo Rapalino

Shiny gold with a little grassy green. Breathing in honeysuckle, lilacs, peach blossoms, peaches, pears, and golden delicious apples. Oh this is dreamy! Cue Franz Schubert’s “Trio in E-Flat” from The Hunger. Sipping sweet pears, peaches, honeydew, smoke, a little squeeze of citrus, and alick of granite. Thank you so much for letting the grape sing. Stainless steel and Chardonnay are sooooo good together.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: not bad. It sharpens all the flavors.

La Ganghija’s vineyards have been around in the family for eons, but they were selling their grapes. It took Enzo Rapalino (and his family) to jump into the business of creating their own wine. His enthusiasm for his land and the place where he grew up led him to studies in wine and in 2004, their dream took root. I love how he picked the name La Ganghija because in Piemontese it means vine tendril which to them represents “small but powerful”. Well, this little start has now grown to have vineyards that reach from Trieso to Magliano Alfieri and Madonna di Como (Alba). The family venture has an extended one too that is “Langa Style”. Enzo and 4 other guys from Langhe all studied oenology in Alba, and now bond together as friends and independent winemakers. They support each other, promote each others’ wines, and believe it’s better to be colleagues instead of rivals. That sort of friendly and professional camaraderie is beautiful.

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