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Cantine Su’entu
Su’aro 2018
Marmilla IGT
Native grapes
Sustainable, hand harvested
Sardegna, Italy
Pilloni family (currently Valeria, Roberta & Nicola are running the winery)

Bright gold with almost a light touch of orange/amber and gets deeper the more it breathes. Sniffing and there’s a citrus mix of tangerine, lemon, touch of grapefruit, hibiscus, honeysuckle, honeydew & more blossoms swirl, an apricot/peach blend, salt, and as it’s been open a good while caramelized sugar cane. Taking a swig & swish and here’s that citrus blend & honeydew again with orange zest, touch of smoke, a little honey & honeysuckle, smidge of sweet mellow pears, and salt shake. Bright & luscious all at the same time, and makes me dream of warm night outside under the stars just sipping and enjoying good company.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: so darn good!

“Working the land and making the best use of its fruits is a family tradition, and we’re delighted to have given new life to this value set, with regard not only to wines but also to our small olive oil output and the raw materials for the Estate’s Restaurant, Arieddas” – Salvatore Pilloni

I ❤️ Su’entu for so many reasons, and finding out about their restaurant Arieddas has me wanting to pack my bags. They work with what they have within the estate and if they don’t they source from other artisans/farmers. It’s a celebration of Marmilla’s (Sardinia’s) food, wine and culture which has a special place in my heart and belly. One pasta (on their menu & btw each dish comes w a wine recommendation) I have never had a chance to try are handmade lorighittas originating from the women of Morgongiori in the 16th century. They would gather to prepare the braided pastas formed into circular or O shape ahead of All Saints Day. It was also a chance to catch up on news, gossip, and camaraderie. It’s truly an art form that I hope doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of modern times. Check out the Pasta Grannies to see how it’s made. They make such a hard task look easy.

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