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Casa Favöt
L’È MA L’È 2020
100% Pinot Nero
Vino bianco frizzante
Natural wine, sustainable agriculture
Oltrepó Pavese (PV), Italy
Owners: Fraschini Family

Super pale starlight with a tiny bit of green & teeny bubbles clinging to the glass. Sniffing something stirring old memories…it’s not exactly an almond croissant but more of a brioche or cookies from my childhood that I can’t find anywhere. They were in an assorted box from I think Nabisco (in the 70s) that my parents brought out on special evenings, and the biscuit had a fireplace imprinted on it. I would always save them for last because I didn’t know when I’d get them again. Ok back to the scents, baked pears, a mixed apple roundness with a bit of homemade cider, whiff of hazelnut, a bit of Kirby cukes, and white peaches. Sipping crisp pears, tart apple/crab apple & some smooth cider,  a sliver of almond in the back, lime twist, super young yellow plums, of all things a smidge of garden fresh yellow banana peppers, a little sizzle, and a touch of salt. After sipping over time, it’s really beautiful on the exhale.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ooh goes a bit floral and sweet

Back in December was my first encounter with Casa Favöt with their rustic and charming 13PV, and learning about how their wines ended up being more than just something only for their family but darn good enough to share with the world. L’È MA L’È (It is but it is) isn’t a wine you want to sit on and squirrel away, but of the moment. As they say, “That moment in which these bottles are drunk, because you know when a good bottle is opened and drunk at the table with friends, relatives or simply acquaintances, the moment even if ‘it is as it is’ immediately becomes a happy moment and pleasant memory.” Keep sharing, making those warm memories, and please pass me another glass of this lovely wine.

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