Sexy Time

Mas Del Périé
You F&@K My Wine ?! 2019 (also spelled in many other ways but you get the point)
Vin de France
Le Bourg, Occitanie, France
Jurançon Noir
Biodynamic, organic, native yeasts
Winemaker: Fabian Jouves

Cran-cherry dark cocktail color. Just as I lift my glass there’s intense flowers, berries such as raspberries and strawberries, Froot Loops, and very light Za’atar smashed with Cola. Sipping again those berries but more…strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and cherry jolly rancher. It’s light, fun and of all it’s a playful “sexy time” afternoon wine. Let’s all take a roll. If you need inspiration, just check out the positions on the label

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Dark fruit punch. Oh Yeah!

I want to shake Fabian Jouves’ hand (a big Paul Hollywood handshake). This man is full on bio, organic, etc. and this wine totally sings it. Which brings me to the name and label, “You F&@K My Wine ?!“ Evidently his use of Jurançon Noir was frowned upon by Cahors AOC laws, and that variety isn’t included. So, I applaud his bucking their rules and in my interpretation (I’ve never met the fellow)…a way to giving them the finger by creating this delicious bottle. Let’s also give a nod to De Niro’s infamous scene: Raging Bull

Sidenote: Can you guess how many different films and tv bits are referred to in this post?

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