Naturally Nudo

Corte Pagliari Verdieri
Vén Crüd
Sabbioneta Rosato IGP
Lambrusco Sobrara
Biodynamic certified
Mantua, Lombardy, Italy
Mimma Vignoli

Deep rosato with a touch of orange (80s magenta) sunrise with fine light pink bubbles, and it deepens the longer it’s open and more electric. Breathing in raspberries, strawberries, mandarin & zest, a touch of cream, Circus Peanuts, light lemon lime squeeze, salt/seltzer, and a dash of white pepper. Sipping those raspberries/strawberries joined with a swish of watermelon & a citrus spark, shake of salt, little white-pepper with a smidge of something green/herby, and an exhale of teeny French breakfast radish. It’s crisp, dry, alive, zingy, and lip vibrating magic.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: it’s everything with more berries

Mimma Vignoli, I absolutely love you! Your passion, integrity, and strength are so inspiring. So glad to be introduced to your Vén Crüd because if I hadn’t I would not been given the chance to hear how you ended up on your vine path (learning about stories like this are why I started worldbyglass). Turns out a few decades ago Mimma took on the responsibility of assisting her MIL (who had lost her husband) with the family farm. She ended up not just going there to help out but to make it grow into a naturally thriving biodiverse grange that also included vines that now produce their wines. Also became a member of the Casalasco Viadanese Organic District (picked as President but not sure how long in office) and associated with like other minded growers, slow food movement, and eating local & seasonal. She and some of the other bio buddies, were even featured in a photography exhibit by Cornelia Schmidt, “Just Conscious” which shall we say is very “au naturale” with a huge dash of fun and makes its naked is beautiful point whether with people, our environment & produce. Check out more of their honest reveals at “Just People”.

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