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Blueberry Premium Makgeolli
Unfiltered Rice Beer
6% ABV
All natural 100% Korean ingredients: young Gimpo rice, Gapyeong mountain water, live cultures, and 100% real blueberry purée
Brewed just outside of Seoul, Korea
Owner: Carol Pak

Give it a little shake but not too hard before you pour, or you’ll miss out. It’s a Pink Panther pink with lots of active fizzy bubbles and hazy from the rice. Instantly the scents are reaching my nose as I’m still pouring. It’s an aromatic blend of rice, blueberry, and a mellow candy smell that reminds me of as a kid opening the bag of jelly beans in my Easter basket. Now I’m tasting a refreshing and creamy blend of blueberries, old school Hubba Bubba bubblegum, fruity jelly beans (except the licorice one), and all those lovely bubbles. Fun and fresh!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it even sweeter, wow! Not what I expected.

This is a completely different experience than Hana Makgeolli’s makgeolli which shows the versatility and how you can transform these recipes from wine to beer to more. Again nuruk is used but this one is a wheat-rice blend. From what I’m reading, Carol Pak’s friends were part of why MÀKKU exists. While she was in Korea they coerced her into a makgeolli bar and she realized this wasn’t just an old person’s drink. After researching Korean craft brewers and their unique differing styles due to terroir much like wine, she knew she had to bring this to the US, but she wanted it to be natural. Try as she might, it took mom stepping in to get it just right (she’s a licensed herbologist), and now it’s their gift wrapped up in this pretty can for us.

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