Magical Cranberry Memories

Domaine Philippe Tessier
Chemin Noir 2020
100% Pineau d’Aunis
Organic (Ecocert certified), native yeasts
Cheverny, France
Winemakers: Simon (son) Tessier and Philippe (father, who handed over the reigns in 2020)

This color reminds me of those oh so coveted antiques “cranberry glass”. Breathing in cherries, wild plums and a touch of their blossoms, some earth/forest floor that flees, then there’s a little mace and black pepper. Tasting those cherries and plums again joined by cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, squish of lime, orange zest and very welcomed pinch of black pepper. There’s also a little earthy funky with snap of picked by the roadside blackberries and their seeds. You know when you’re rambling through the brambles and getting stuck all over but it’s so worth to just eat in the sun and the juice streaming down your chin. Yet all of it is light and dancing and magical like something brought to you by a wood sprite.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: meh, I like it better without…some of the magic is dampened.

So pleased to meet you Pineau d’Aunis (sometimes called “Chenin Noir” even though DNA now shows y’all are not related). Your personality has jogged so many childhood memories from staring at the “cranberry glass” in my mother’s glassware cabinet (that I was not allowed to even breathe on) to the idyllic days of wild berry picking. Glad that Philippe Tessier decided to experiment and add you to a little plot back in 2011, and his son Simon is tending to you now. As the Tessier family believe, “We defend peasant, artisanal, honest and sincere viticulture. A wine must be the expression of the place where it comes from, the reflection of the climatic conditions of the year and a little of the winegrower”. If you want to find an honest snapshot of the vintages through the years check out their notes on their site:

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