Local Brew

Brooklyn Kura
Craft Sake
Number Fourteen
Junmai Ginjo
Milling Rate: 50-60%
Made with New York water and rice grown in California (blend of calrose and yamada nishiki)
Brooklyn, NY
Founders Brian Polen (brewery president) and Brandon Doughan (brewer)

Crystal clear glassful. Breathe in the white flowers, cantaloupe, refreshing cucumber, and some apple (but not sure which variety which is killing me). Take a sip and there’s sweetness like an overripe cucumber, cantaloupe, and then there’s that mystery apple again. Tastes floral like it smells. It’s dainty, light, and crisp/dry and an easy sipper by itself.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it even more sweet and robust. Weird I thought I wouldn’t like it paired but actually it’s pretty good with it.

What do you get when you bring together a New Yorker who works in analytics and tech, and a biochemist from Portland? Oh and add to that the fact that they met at a wedding in Japan. You end up with two sake drinking buddies that decide to open a small batch sake brewery in Brooklyn. Who would have thought? They’re making quite a success of it too from what I’m reading. As for reading…this is another beverage where you should definitely read the instructions on the bottle: Keep Refrigerated. Since it’s unpasteurized it needs to keep that chill, so before you put it back in the fridge, pour another glass.

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