Good Deeds Of Warmth

Forlorn Hope
Baron Von Verm 2019
Rorick Heritage Vineyard
Calaveras County, CA, USA
Organic, hand-harvested, native yeasts
Winemaker: Matthew Rorick

Lovely bright gold. Pour and let it sit a bit and then there’s scents of lemon/peach meringue pie, mild bit of pineapple & mango, summer rained on granite, honeycomb, and smoke. I already know I’m going to really enjoy this…and yep, I sure do! Sipping a tango of lemon/key lime & zest with mango, young peach/apricot, and as it continues to warm pie spice, a bite of parsley, salt, smoke, and that taste of fresh honeycomb (I remember as a kid) from my Poppa’s hives and now I realize where that smoke light taste comes from when I tasted the comb. It’s from when he had to smoke the bees out to get to the honey.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh NO NO NO!

Some of you may know I’m a big fan of @forlornhopewines and also Matthew Rorick (he’s such a rockstar!). He’s been proving it even more with his good works with @insulate_ukraine. As they say on their IG page they are, “Designing emergency home-built solutions to replace windows blown out by the war in Ukraine. @harry_hopalot & @thebighoof on the ground in #kharkiv .” You can donate to and help keep families warm. Also if you want another delicious way to help, @vinewinenyc is donating $5 for every bottle sold of Forlorn Hope’s: “Baron Von Verm 2019”, “Queen of the Sierra Rosé”, and “Onavolk Merlot 2015” through the month of February. I always love seeing people do good in the world because it gives me hope and touches my heart.

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