Golden Goodness

Sagardo Naturala
Dry Natural Cider
Blend of over a dozen Basque apples
Basque Country
Euskal Sagardoa PDO
6% ABV
Organic, no added sulfites
Tolosa, Gipuzkoa, Spain
Cidermaker: Migel Mari Lasa

Warm gold with tiny bubbles. Breathing in a multitude of apples bright and tart, stripped apple branches, yeasty, and a bit of dark funk and spice. Wow, this tastes really delightful! Again bright and tart apples joined with green tree buds, cinnamon & funk, and a touch of white pepper. Now that’s a fab mix.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: good like ol’ apple pie

While sniffing around online about the origins of txotx, I found a tale of Adam and Eve. They had already been booted from the garden and wandered upon an apple tree which immediately pissed Adam off. His boiling anger had him giving the tree a full shakedown and the apples rolled into a well, where he then kept on venting by throwing in large stones to smash the fruit. Days later the pair were in serious need of a drink, and of course it’s Eve that realizes, “hey, check out that golden goodness left in the well” and there you have the first cider. Back to txotx, it simply means a small stick used to plug the cider barrels (nowadays you may find a spigot in its place) and when the time is right (Isastegi’s txotx runs from Jan-April), gather your friends to celebrate, pull that plug, and here comes the cider; and you better have your glass ready before it all ends up on your shoes. Cheers!

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