Endless Summer

Kiki & Juan
Blanco 2021
90% Macabeo, 10% Sauvignon Blanc
Organic, dry farmed
Utiel Requena, Valencia, Spain
Wine team: John “Juan Casa” House & Kerin “Kiki” Auth Bembry

Palest yellow green translucent starlight. There’s scents of green apples, firm pears my granny used to grow to make relish, a little young honeydew (not don’t), mild lime, light figgy soda, and a salty breeze. Beware this is a waaaaay wasy drinker. Everything is light & lovely. Tasting again bits of apples, pears, & Adriatic figs, ripe kirby, a bit of that lime spark zest, shake of salt, and well it’s just a glass of carefree endless summer.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smooth sailing take me away

This liter of chuggable joy is from the team behind La Luz Selections and their association with Coviñas who were named the world’s best wine co-op in 2022, and for good reason. Not only do they take great care with their grapes & lands, they also respect their growers or as they call them “Employees”. As they say on their site, “Our objective is to sustain and grow the local economy based on the cultivation of the 10,000 hectares of vineyards belonging to the 3,000 families that make up Coviñas and represent 40% of the wine produced under the Utiel-Requena appellation of origin.” Looking out for their neighbors is pretty darn cool!

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