Clinging On As Summer Fades

La Lata
Wine Spritz
Organic, vegan, gluten free & no chemical additives
Created by Álvaro de la Viña & Ana González (Selections de la Viña)

Crack open and pour on the rocks or you can just drink it straight up from the can (an orange slice is suggested too but I’m fine as is). It’s warm gold with lovely active bouncing bubbles. Take a sniff and there’s mountain herbs, blossoms & other white flowers, that lovely dry vermouth smell joined with a pop of nose tickling citrus. Sipping and again that delicious vermouth taste and feel and again that mountain herby along with a touch of coriander/cloves, a drop of clover honey, and a red grapefruit juice splash.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: bleh

This is one fun cocktail to sip holding onto the last bits of summer while embracing the oncoming feel of fall. Álvaro & Ana selected the vermouth for this recipe from Bodegas Robles in Montilla-Moriles, who have been around since 1927, and organic since the 90s. There’s an extra gift that comes with their wines/vermouths…they have paired soundscapes which are  “not so much a prescription for the ‘right’ matching of wines and sounds as an invitation to open up to what your senses awaken in you.” So when you pop this can and let it roll around over your tongue, what do you feel?

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