Believing In & Building The Future

Bosman Family Vineyards
Generation 8 
47 Varietal Rosé 2022
(yes this special field blend from their “Vine vineyard” is truly 47, just check out the breakdown on their tech sheet)
Wellington, South Africa
Vine growers & wine producers: Bosman Family (8 Generations so far)
CEO Petrus Bosman

Rosy pinky orange sunrise. Scents of strawberries, cherry & cranberries, pink plums, a little Southern biscuit, and a touch of Yellowstone (my parents loved doing that roadtrip when I was a kid and those paint pots made a big impression) that will fade. Sipping and there’s strawberries (wild, homegrown and green to red), raspberries, cranberries, lemon zing, and pink, yellow & green plums (skin and all). Just fresh and easy drinking.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: smooth and brings out more berries

Whenever I end up with a bottle from Bosman, I think about how this bottle factors into so much social responsibility. The Bosmans have been an accredited Fairtrade producer since 2009, and back then their 260 employees received a 26% stake of the business. They really care about their workers, community and growing healthy vines that can be spread to other producers which can also be seen with their work with the Adama Trust. Each bottle sold gives back a percentage to the Adama foundation and the community can sort how to allot the funds, such as education, child care, housing, healthcare, a choir and so much more. As Petrus Bosman said, “We have lived together, worked together and cared for each other on this farm for centuries, passing on values and skills from one generation to another, over and over again. For us creating opportunities for advancement within our community is not simply a good idea, it is a way of life.”

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