Badass, Resilient And Full Of Passion 💙💛

Khortytsa (Хортиця)
Khor Platinum Vodka
40% ABV
Gluten free, corn-based, organic local filter containing schungite, 7 rounds of distillation, one of a kind cap to protect against counterfeits
Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Ukraine

Chilled glistening clear pour. Breathing in and it’s fresh, clean and bright with a  little faint citrus zest, and as grows a peppery kick. Sipping and at first there’s a little creaminess that morphs into a light bite of black pepper, something herbal, and a sprig of pine but nothing is overpowering. It turns into a dash of hot pepper with again citrus zest that fades back into that clean crisp herbal tingle. It’s very alive and my lips are vibrating…like a passionate kiss, and I have to say it’s badass and resilient just like Ukrainians.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Oh lord no!

I wish I could be tasting this lovely award winning vodka under better and less heartbreaking circumstances. As to be expected with the current events, Khortytsa had to shut their office in Kyiv and their distillery. How on earth in this day and age is this happening? I just want to open a window and scream! My heart bleeds for them and everyone in Ukraine. ❤️🇺🇦

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