A Magical Harvest

Cantina Marilina
Sikelé 2019
Terre Siciliane IGP
100% Grecanico (darn fabulous ancient grape)
Sicily, Italy
Organic, indigenous yeasts, no fining or filtration
Winemakers: Angelo Marilina and Federica Paternò

Deep golden beauty of a glass. My first Sikelé was a 2017, and 2019 is just as fab! As before the first scents are orange, melon, sweet honeysuckle, and one of my faves sea breeze salt, and in the latest, there’s also a little touch of tangerine and a smidge of spice. As I sip at home, it takes me back to that beautiful day in the sun where one glass is never enough. Delicious flavors of orange, lemon, melon, pear, apple, smoky salt, white pepper, a scattering of almonds, but the best part is the orange blossoms that keep wafting in and out, and in this 2019, there’s also that touch of tangerine again (a little IPAish) that mellows and a few following kumquats. It’s a lovely colorful natural shape shifting dream.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Still brings out more heavenly flowers

I can hardly believe it’s been over a year and a half when I was longing for a “A Day Under the Trees”. Still longing for that chance to visit Cantina Marilina and experience their “Picnic in the Vineyard” tasting. How glorious would that be? For now I’ll have to just have to watch over and over again their 2021 harvest and all the bits of that are a part of it from the land, the vineyard, the people and even the insects that thrive and do their own part in the whole picture. “Let’s try to bring dreams to life . Every year, at the end of the harvest , this is the mood we keep for the following months! 2021 gave us a magical harvest: life, in all its forms, is the basis of our work. Nature is the essence of everything!”

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