Reunited and it Feels So Good

Harviestoun Brewery
Old Engine Oil
Black Ale (Best Porter of 2010)
6% ABV
Scotland, UK

Deep dark of night with a small caramel head that fades. Oh man, just raise that mug and here comes that deep smell of dark chocolate, baker’s chocolate, coffee grounds, toffee, and a hint of black pepper. Memories of years past are being conjured up. Now after all that here comes the taste. There’s again cark chocolate that goes bitter super dark with a crispy dry end, burnt brownie edges, black coffee, and a smidge of vanilla. It’s just black velvet and mouth coating, and after all these years it is still a constant friend.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: oh God no!

When I saw this beer in my friend’s hand, I felt like Christmas came early! It has been years since I have had this glass of deliciousness. It was back at the old (and now gone) Mugs Alehouse, and anytime I saw it on their list, it was an immediate go to order. How on earth had I lost touch with this old bestie. I totally blame myself for not searching it out. Feels so good to be reunited!

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Just One More Treat

DuCLaw Brewing Co.
Sweet Baby Jesus!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter
6.2% ABV
Baltimore, MD
Founder: Dave Benfield

Very dark black brown pour with small tan head around 1/4 inch that disappears. The second you pop the can and even before it hits the glass, it’s Incredibly forward dark chocolate, espresso and a little peanuts. Here goes the first sip and baker’s chocolate mixed with dark Belgian chocolate flavors. Roasted peanuts lead into the feel of peanut butter spread and at last again a bitter ending of espresso that is welcome and not too sweet, but nice and dry.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NOPE! Dreadful! Or as the can says “Sweet Baby Jesus!” Don’t do it!

Ok, I know we’re all stuffed from yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast, but come on you have to have room for just one more treat. This classic can of porter is filled full of a very dark brownie with peanut butter morsels that have been cooked right up to the last second before they get too burned. You know you want one of the end pieces. They’re always the best. Anyway, I’ve had my fill of pumpkin pie, this is exactly what I need.

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Raise a Glass and Amplify Your Art

Collective Arts Brewing
Stranger Than Fiction
5.5% abv
Artist: Tim Barnard
Brewed in Stratford CT, (small contract batch made at Two Roads). Collective Arts Brewing is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Acquired at Sugarburg

After cracking the can, it’s a dark chocolate coffee color with a big frothy head. Letting it settle down. Now here comes the wafts of coffee or should I say coffee cola, chocolate, molasses, and a touch of bitter like an almond or a roasted coffee bean. Tipping back my glass and tasting chocolate, coffee, refreshing, smooth, some sweetness but not overpowering, and a bit of baker’s chocolate cookie bitter delicious bite.

Pairs with Cheez-its: Turns the porter more bitter. If you really love the true essence of this beer, do not pair it with Cheez-It’s. I’ve only ever had to say this once before and that was a sherry, but let me repeat myself…IN NO CASE SHOULD YOU PAIR THIS WITH CHEEZ-IT’S!

Collective Arts Brewing has a fabulous program of pairing artists, musicians, video artists, etc. If anyone out there wants to join their long list of amazing artists, they are having a call out for “Amplified Voices”. From the site: “A call looking to expose issues of social justice and convey a sense of hope for a safer and more inclusive future.” Work fast because the deadline is August 31st.

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