A Stellar Pour

Fifth Hammer Brewing Co.
Moons Of Jupiter
Oatmeal Stout
5% ABV
Long Island City, NY

Crack the can, pour and it’s a glass of dark chocolate/black coffee with a caramel head. Smells like unwrapping a chocolate bar along with a chip of baker’s chocolate, roasted coffee beans, and a little toffee. Kicking it back and there’s tastes of deep very dark chocolate and almost bittersweet baker’s, really roasted toasted black coffee (but not Charbuck’s) and burnt brownie edges. It’s a crisp yet smooth easy drinker and not overly heavy. I would love work on a pint for a while and follow up with another. Delicious!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO!

It’s that time of the year again! No not that darn pumpkin spice crap. It’s stout season. Actually I ❤️ stouts 365, but then I’m a chocoholic. If I could I’d swim in a vat of it but that might end up a bit messy. A better idea would be to cue up some old Armin van Buuren and take a 4-pack of these cans for an evening dancing under the twinkling night sky.

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A Beer For Any Hour

Fifth Hammer Brewing Co
Midnight Sauce
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
9% ABV
Long Island City, NY
Their first can conditioned beer (2020)
Co-founders: Chris Cuzme, Mary Izett, and David Scharfstein

Medium amber with a frothy creamy head. Welcoming scents of caramel, brown sugar cookies, hoppy, and toffee. Mmmmm delicious sips of Christmas comfort flavors, again caramel, toffee, dried Turkish figs, and a little black pepper. It’s rich and lively and has me craving shortbread cookies and bacon.

Pairs with Cheez-it’s: Meh, not really a good idea. Stick with the shortbread cookies.

Midnight Sauce is a really special ale that you can drink at any hour. Honestly, I first tasted it before 10am. Don’t look at me like that, it was just staring at me when I opened the fridge. I had a lot of writing ahead of me, and it was the breakfast of champions, and like I said before it goes well with bacon. BTW I noticed on Fifth Hammer’s FB page as of 3/18, those wonderful words so many wish to hear, THEY ARE HIRING! If you’re looking to join their brew and taproom crew, then get that resume ready. Life is opening up again, so drink local! There’s pick up, outdoor seating and now 50% indoor seating too! Oh it feels so good that my solitary glass may be rejoining others again for one big long cheer!

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