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Anne Pichon Wines
“Sauvage” 2020
Ventoux AOP
Syrah 80%, Grenache 20%
Organic, indigenous yeast, night harvest, concrete tanks
Ventoux, Rhône, France
Handcrafted production and bottling from Anne Pichon Estate at Mormoiron, Vacluse
Winemakers and nature lovers: Anne Pichon & Véronique (sister-in-law)

Deep purple with magenta/ruby rim. Sniffing at first buttery vanilla, dark prune & plum along with homemade blackberry jam, dates, all sorts dried figs, dark cherry as it breathes, and black pepper. As it all blends together that buttery turns into a vanilla butter cream with (don’t laugh) at some points those fun cupcake sprinkles. Here goes the first sip and oh this…this is good and better than I even expected (and was told). There’s dates, dried figs (brown and black that remind me of my Granny’s trees and cakes), deep plums & prunes, cherry, dried & fresh blueberries, blackberries & the seeds, a touch of raspberry flair, and a dash of that pepper again. BTW after a glass, go look in the mirror and check out the color of your tongue.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: tart! I like it better without

Anne & Marc (her husband, who sadly passed away) Pichon found a perfect place to make wine in an already organic yet left behind domaine that came with quite a romantic name in my bee and bug loving book, “Mur-Mur-Ium” (the buzzing song of bees). Aptly named since they even have a beekeeper that’s placed his hives in the vines, which is a sheer delight for me. As I’ve babbled about before, my great-grandfather was a beekeeper and these beneficial creatures fascinate me. I’ve been watching a video “The T Edward Morning Show with Véronique of Anne Pichon” and her description of her brother Marc as a nature lover full of passion and a free spirit was so beautiful; and how they as a family decided to continue with the winery even after his death is so touching. After listening to Véronique’s words, their “Sauvage” wines seem to me to be like a love letter to nature, it’s complexity, strength and beauty. Yeah, I’m tearing up, and am realizing how much this bottle is than just a lovely wine, but a part of this family.

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Tout Est Art

Château de Jau
Le Jaja de Jau
IGP Côtes de Gascogne
100% Sauvignon
Organic, HVE 3, beekeeping, & 2 of my fave ways to deter pests: “sexual confusion” & nesting boxes for birds & bats
Cases-de-Pène, France
Jean et Bernard Dauré & now Simon (Bernard’s son)

Shimmering starlight with a touch of super light green. Sniff and a friendly grapefruit waves hi, next up is a swirl of lemon, lime, and orange along with yellow plums, peaches, and a honeysuckle breeze. Sip and here’s that grapefruit again with lemons, limes, gooseberries (I only encountered them in person & fresh over the past 10 years and that was quite a surprise), a very green crisp apple bite with a bit of not overpowering peach and mango thrown in that all of a sudden you realize hey there’s bell pepper in here. Theres also a mineral lick of a rock. It’s bright and has me craving jamón croquettes.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nice but doesn’t rock my boat

Little did I expect this bottle to introduce me to such a long history (since 12th century) filled with monks, pirates, wine, and a silkworm farm. After an assortment of previous owners, Château de Jau is now a part of the Dauré family. They embraced everything about the property, what lives and grows there, and the creative spark that has been ignited within their walls. Actually, remember that silkworm farm…since the 70s they turned it into an exhibition space of some quite renowned contemporary artists and also workshops for budding ones. Even their “La Jaja de Jau” labels have the handiwork (literally) of Ben (Vautier). As his painting says, “Tout est art.” 🍷

Oh and side note, there is something about this artistically magical place that makes me think Wes Anderson.

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