Dominio de Tares
Cepas Viejas 2011
100% Mencía
Bierzo (León) Spain

First night in Alicante and while wandering around found El Portal Taberna. Luckily we were able to sit at the bar, and (wish I could remember the sommelier’s name) we were guided through fabulous food, wine, cocktails, and conversation. This is why I love Spain so much, everyone has always been so kind, friendly, and more than happy to share with you what they love about their city. Anyway, one of the glasses I thoroughly enjoyed was Dominio de Tares’ “Cepas Viejas”. Within the label design is braille that also reads Cepas Viejas which translates to old vines. Hoping to one day in the future to again sit at this bar, relax, and imbibe. Miss you Spain!

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