An Ancient Grape for Modern Times

Winzerkeller Auggener Schaf
Gertie and Max 2019
Produced & Bottled for Willie Glückstern Selections
Gutedel QbA Trocken
Markgräflerland, Baden, Germany

Pretty dainty straw yellow. Inhaling melon, grapefruit (but not overly strong…this ain’t an IPA), nuttiness, and vanilla. Sipping lemon/citrus, pear, melon, and dragging a honeysuckle stamen over my tongue. There’s also something mineral and some almond going on.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: this is the best ever pairing. They are meant for each other. Nothing changes except the sweetness is heightened

For all of you thinking this bottle was picked for it’s cute label, well sorry to disappoint you. This was picked for the delightful wine it truly is and the Gutedel grape is it made from. Gutedel (also known as Chasselas in other places) can be traced back 5000 years ago being cultivated by the Egyptians. Spread from there to the Romans and Greeks and then transported to France and Germany and elsewhere and is still spreading even to the UK from what I’m finding. For the best I’d stick with Markgräflerland.

Back to the label, yes the vineyard mice are enchanting…so enchanting that I googled mice wine thinking others may have used them in their art. Well, don’t google it. You won’t like what you find. It’s horrific. It’s something you can’t unsee. Just stick with enjoying another glass of Gertie and Max. I’m on my second hoping it will help me forget.

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