Spark It Up

C. Cassis
CC Spritz
Sparkling blackcurrant canned aperitif
Hudson Valley grown blackcurrants (many from Greg Quinn’s crop who helped get overturn their ban in NY State)
5.4% ABV
Catskill, NY
Made by Rachael Petach

Vibrant bright cranberry glass cocktail with teeny bubbles. Nose tickling black currants pop up & if there was a Jolly rancher version of it then that too, and a slight mint vibe that heads into alpine herbs floating around. All the scents are in the sip with a blend of citrus peels, raspberries, seltzer sizzle with a tart pop, a little lemon squish, and a touch of honey

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: ugh blerg NO

So for those of you who may have some bubbly leftovers from the holidays…who am I kidding…how can there ever be any bubbles left behind? Well, at least not in my place. Anyway, say you do want to spark up your sparkly. Just pour a 50/50 cava, champagne, or sparkling wine with CC Spritz and that blush in the glass will soon be spreading to your cheeks and maybe even the tips of your ears. It’ll make you want to as Salt-N-Pepa says, “Get down with the party”!

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