Not At All What I Was Expecting

Beach Blvd Wine Co.
Sustainably-farmed estate vineyards
Paso Robles, CA
Canned in Bayonne, NJ

Crack the can and out pours a pretty orangey rose gold. I know there’s a fruit (probably a strawberry) in there somewhere, but I can’t believe I’m writing this…it smells like burnt rubber. No amount of off-gassing is going to save this…OMG! The taste is just the same. Oh lord! This was a gift from a friend (and I tried two cans with the same result), but I’m starting to wonder if they lost their sense of smell and taste. We are all still living with that still hanging over our heads.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: no way this is going to make it any better

Ok, so I have no more info on this can than what you see. The Beach Blvd website isn’t working. I was really looking forward to this since cans come in handy in this hot weather, but…oh well…

NOTE: I have just poured it out, and see that it was canned on 7/19/19, so maybe that’s the reason!

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