Living Stress Free

Domaine Tatsis
Limnio 2020
Limnio 100%
P.G.I. Macedonia
Organic, biodynamic, native yeasts
Goumenissa, Macedonia, Greece
Winemaking brothers: Periklis & Stergios Tatsis

Ruby stained glass. There’s scents of cherries, raspberries, strawberries, plums, a little vanilla frosting, hyssop, juniper, and a pepper blend. Everything I’m sniffing is there in the taste along with an orange & mixed bag of citrus twang, young pink strawberries with their green caps, white pepper, and an exhale of peat that wanders off. It’s light on its feet with a smooth elegance.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: even bigger berries

This quote greets you on Tatsis’ website, “Companionship with the vine is a lifelong relationship, it is family. Together we grow, vines and people, in good times and bad.” Periklis & Stergios grew up in a wine family (they’re 3rd generation) and that doesn’t only include their human relatives but also their vines, land, and everything else related to their wines. In fact, they love them so much that once their father handed over the reigns, they set about going organic/biodynamic and getting certified. Two things that jumped out to me about Tatsis are this is the best Greek wine I’ve ever had, and their sentiment: “Since 2002 we have been striving to achieve stress-free vines with healthy fruit. In essence, we are fellow travelers in our vineyards with open eyes and ears and help them where there is a real need.” Wow, they really do love their vines if they want to keep them “stress-free”. Oh, if they could only do that for all of us. What I wouldn’t give for a day with no stress. 🤣 If that’s the reason this wine is so wonderful, maybe I should pack up, head to Goumenissa and set up a tent in their vineyard. Cheers! 🍷

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