It’s All Art

Christoph Heiss
Hotrot 2022
50% St Laurent, 40% Rotburger (Zweigelt), 10% Muller Thurgau
Organic, hand harvested
Kamptal, Austria

Shining like stained-glass garnet with light purple pops. This bottle loves a good chill. Right after the cork is pulled there’s a touch of wild scents that starts to fade, cherries, earth, raspberries, blackberries, orange/lemon zest, a spice blend I am still figuring out and it turns out to be cardamom. Now sipping and boom! There’s so much at once…tart and sweet cherries, blend of raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, a tart tingle that sort of sizzles, young plums, a warmth is added to the sizzle that almost feels like a hot pepper but not the taste, and again cardamom joined with violets.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: deliciously juicy

Malinga is Christoph’s business within a business, or should I say a natural wine venture within his family’s winery & vineyards. Honestly from all the pics it looks like a beautiful life and he’s someone with a true appreciation for the art in the bottle as well as on it. Here’s a quote from one of his posts, “Malinga has achieved a big goal. Labels are more than just printed paper. They have the power to represent the ideas and the attitude of the winemaker and spread those into the world”. So very true, and Hotrot’s label and that post led me to find another artist Anika Katzengold. Her drawings and tattoos are well…just breathtaking. In fact, rather than call them tattoos, to me they feel like a moving abstract artwork come to life on the body she uses as a canvas. Check out her work on Malinga’s labels and on her IG page @a.nik.a.katzengold_______ and take a look into how she works her visions from thoughts to reality.

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