Graceful Composition

Georgas Family
Retsina of Mesogia
Black Label
100% Savatiano
Biodynamic, organic, hand harvested, unfined, unfiltered, skin contact & fresh local pine resin
Spata, Attica, Greece
Family winery in the hands of latest generation: Dimitris Georgas

Yellow gold that deepens over time. Tickling my nose upfront is citrusy (lemon, tangerine, valencia orange) pine, yellow roses, wafts of wintergreen, eucalyptus and a bit of Ricola. It totally clears your sinuses in a good refreshing way. All of the smells are in the taste and it really wakes up my mouth, and the citrus blend becomes more prevalent. It’s a unique and delightful glassful that is full of surprises, and right now I’m thinking there’s some smoked piggy this would match well with and heck even a hot pastrami on rye.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: NO

Filled with tradition, the Georgas Family winery has been passed through the generations. The latest, Dimitris, originally followed another path with degrees in geology, oceanography, and environmental management, but returned after inheriting from his father. My guess is that his studies had a bit of influence on where their vineyards, wines, etc. are now with organic and biodynamic. So, the more good retsinas I try, I’m discovering they are at times fun & delightful and also can be structured & full of depth but always bursting with creativity. In this bottle it’s reverberates and vibrates like a Zoë Keating composition filled with passion and emotion. ❤️

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