For a Good Time…Shake In Bottle

Wandering Barman
Old Fashioned with elderflower gin
28% ABV
Ridgewood, NY
Mixmasters/founders: Julian Mohamed, Roxane Mollicchi, and Darren Grenia

Hazy cucumber juice green on the rocks. Mmmm smelling fresh cucumbers, delicate flowers, salt, and gin. I can already sense what is coming before it even hits my lips. Whoooo! Cucumber and elderflower gin that has a bit of a burn down your throat at first but give it a second sip and smoooooth and sweet which is definitely from cane sugar and an aftertaste of light pine. What better drink to have while I’m quarantined due to flying to see my mom. It’s refreshing, cool, elegant, lovely, and dare I say classy.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out the sweetness and cucumber

So I was questioning a cocktail in a bottle. I’ve tested some that seemed not quite right, but yes I got sucked in by the label, and it was at a shop I trust. Very glad I went with my gut, and purchased not just one but two and now having a twang of regret that I didn’t grab two more. Follow the instructions on the cap as it says, “shake in bottle” and then pour over some rocks. Had I not been the one pouring this cocktail, I would have thought it was all fresh made. From what I’m reading, restaurants and venues have been snapping them up. Definitely would ease up on time waiting in a line at a concert or play (well, when we get to go back to those again). Also seeing that Wandering Barman creates their own bitters, syrups, and infusions and hold them to a high quality. “Socialite” definitely hits high quality in my book. Oh, just noticing on the back label that 1% of profits is donated to alcohol addiction support groups. Always nice to see people giving back!

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