Farm to Table Holiday

Five Farms
Single batch Irish Cream Liqueur
17% ABV
County Cork, Ireland

Light caramel milk chocolate on the rocks. Breathing in luscious cream, vanilla, and caramel. Rolling this around in my mouth and there’s that heavenly cream again, chocolate delight, coffee, sugar cookies with sprinkles, and again that addictive caramel. I really want a chocolate chip cookie or a thin extra salty pretzel.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Just don’t!

Touted to be the best Irish Cream Liqueur, and boy I think it probably is. There’s such smooth beauty in this mixture of single batches of fresh cream combined with premium triple-distilled Irish Whiskey. The five farms where the cream is sourced (hence the name) have as they call “happy cows” that roam pastures chomping on grass during the day. I’m a firm believer in treat your cows right, let them have a relaxed life filled with fresh air, and you can always taste the difference in cream, butter, etc. Oh and I followed the instructions and served it on the rocks, and I highly recommend it. This is the perfect holiday in a glass!

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