Tradition, Culture & Spirit

Pheasant’s Tears
Rosé 2021
Danakharuli, Goruli-Mtsvane
Organic, biodynamic, filled with old tradition
Sighnahghi, Kartli, Georgia
Founders: John Wurdeman & Gela Patalishvili

Amber with a rose blush. Ok, full disclosure I screwed up. I put it in the red wine fridge so now waiting for it to adjust. Sigh, we all make mistakes. Anyway, chill it a little more and you’ll smell lady apples & red delicious, orange peel, a smidge of fresh cut grass, spring orchard blossoms, a little snappy cookie spice, and brown sugar that goes to a brandy whiff that floats in and out very gently. Tasting apple cider, exhale and there’s a little straw, a chew of my old outfield sour grass, a little green peppercorn along with a little lemon/orange twist, and as it breathes a moment of calvados. Mmmm so good, sparky and delicious.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: fun and matches kind of like it would with a baked apple

Years ago, a guy warned me off Pheasant’s Tears, and can’t figure out why on earth they did! Loving their wine and reading about how John (an American artist) & Gela (Georgian winegrower) connected & created their very natural winery…and it didn’t stop there. Pheasant’s Tears added a restaurant to pair with their wines, and then a 2nd, “Crazy Pomegranate” reservation only in their vines. John also doesn’t seem to be able to stay still. Along with being a painter, winemaker, & folk music collector, he also opened natural wine venues in Tbsilisi. While digging around for more info, I found a great interview with him by Aaron Ayscough “A Georgia Divided” and how Georgians are dealing with the Ukraine War which led me to @dedaenabar and their showing of the Ukrainian modern/folk/ballet film “Vodurudu” by Anatolii Sachivko (Please, at least check out their videos. It’s so good.). So glad I ignored a certain someone’s advice long ago or I would have never discovered all of this discourse/art/culture/spirit due to this wine. ❤️

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Just One More

Lapati Wines
Kidev Erti
Tavkveri 2019
Natural sparkling wine rosé
60% Tavkveri & 40% of Chinuri (both from Shida Kartli region)
Natural, organic, & environment friendly, 1 month fermentation in qvervi
Sagarejo, Kakheti, Georgia
Winemakers: Vincent Jullien and Guillaume Gouerou

Pale salmon with active white bubbles dancing in patterns on the surface. Breathing in tiny strawberries and cherries (and an underlying hint of cherry Twizzlers), a little plum, yeasty bread, and all of this is super light. First sip and it’s a tart cherry seltzer, a lemon tingle blended with a little underripe apple, and just a smidge of strawberries (green and ripe). Very, very vibrating on the lips and easy drinking that you don’t have to overthink (so don’t do what I’ve been doing.) Just follow the instructions in its name “Kidev Erti” because it says for you to have “one more”.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: yeah it works. Really doesn’t change much.

I could start with the good ol’ joke, 2 Frenchmen walk into a bar…or in this case into Georgia, but its a bit more than that. Vincent was on the scene first already investigating sparkling, and Guillaume showed up for an art residency. They found mutual conversation and ground (now literally in Sagarejo) and embarked on creating Lapati Wines. They blend Georgian and French/European natural ways of winemaking and even though they’re not certified biodynamic they follow the practices because they respect nature, the environment, and very importantly the final outcome in their wine.

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