Party Pig!

La Mongestine
Bob Singlar 2020
Vin de France
Merlot 40%, Marselan 10%, Pinot Noir 40%, Roussanne 10%
Organic, minimal intervention, & on its way to biodynamic
Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, France
Owners: Harry and Celine Gozlan
Winemaker: Maxime Gamard

Color shining cran-raspberry lollipop. It’s a light red masquerading as a rosé so give it a little chill. Take a little sniff and there’s raspberries, strawberries, dark plums, cherries, and a little natural funk wiggling there in the air and if you give it a time out…poof it’s gone. (Also if you wait a loooong time there is a whiff of hazelnut.) Tip and sip and absolutely freaking delicious! There’s raspberry, strawberry, boysenberry (giving that little tart spark). It’s fresh and light but this young little piggy has some depth and wonderment. Ok piggy doesn’t really fit, Bob is a wild boar, and from the looks and the glouglou…he’s a party animal. Dare I say, I could see him cheering on a rugby match.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: just makes it more fruity

Harry and Celine Gozlan took on Domaine de la Mongestine in 2017, but the land has a very long history (you can still find artifacts like pottery, etc in the earth) and had at one point been pretty much abandoned. They lucked out though because it was replanted in 2001, and certified organic in 2014. Another plus is they have a fabulous winemaking team that keeps it natural. If you want to see what they’re doing behind the scenes, you can even do a workshop to find out more about the whole organic process from vineyard to cellar, which I think would be a whole lot of enlightening fun. You’ll respect that bottle in your hand even more.

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A Princely Little Fox

Famille Coulon
BiotifulFOX 2019
Vin De France
60% Roussanne, 20% Marsanne, 20% Viognier
Organic and biodynamic
Southern Rhône Valley, France
Winemakers: Daniel & Frédéric Coulon & Daniel’s sons Victor & Antonin

A glass of spun straw. Breathing in apricots, peaches, salty slatiness, honeydew that is a little musky as it warms, tangelo, and pineapple. Take a sip and it’s heavenly, bright and a little decadent at the same time. We have a fun fruit basket of peaches, apricots, honeydew, pineapple, with a smidge of honey and rocky mineral. Just wonderfully crisp, delicious, and delightfully foxy.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: brings out tiny flowers too, nice

With a swish of a tail this pretty little fox can spark a new project and expand the future of Domaine de Beaurenard’s historic wines. The Coulon Family has branched outside of their own vineyards to work with bio and organic grapes sourced from their friends’ Rhône vines. This beautiful blend is the culmination of their 8 generations of expertise and attention to nature, listening to the earthly rhythms, and following the pull of the stars and planets above. By the way, check out the label…remember “The Little Prince”? Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s work transported many of us as kids and even rings true or more poignant now. Dang, I didn’t realize how much emotion this would bring back reminiscing. Just remember as the fox said, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” ❤️

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Pick From the Best

Flat Brim Wines
Not Basic 2020
50% Picpoul, 50% Roussanne
Columbia Valley, Portland, Oregon
Sustainably sourced grapes, and indigenous yeasts
Winemakers and owners: Ian & Becky Atkins

Hazy orange and deep golden streaked sunset, almost copper. Breathing in a delightful citrus blend of lemon, orange, tangerine, with a smidge of clove, coconut, a little fresh cut grass, and some wet granite. There’s a bit if Vanilla that plays hide and seek, and very light oak as it breathes…poof gone. Sipping and here comes orange, pineapple, shake that salt, and tangy tart sparks. Then all of a sudden there’s a touch of Kirby cucumbers,  and some white pepper. I know it’s neutral oak, but there’s a little vanilla of it hanging out in the background with a smoky ember. It’s like a fresh fun playground in my mouth.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it even more smooth and even a little creamy

This is my third Flat Brim wine, and each has been so unique and all delicious. I guess it’s due to them being an urban winery and able to source the best grapes from growers they trust and know are sustainable (some are also organic and others biodynamic). Having such a beautiful diverse painter’s palette to work with has to be an amazing opportunity, and this bottle is a great expression of their creativity. One more thing to add, “Not Basic 2020” is a wine that can win over your beer loving friend that consistently says NO to wine. Give ‘em a little nudge and once they try, they’ll be sold.

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True Friendship

Les Tètes
Tète Blanche
Le Pressoir, Touraine Azay-le-Rideau, Loire, France
Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Roussanne
Biodynamic and native yeasts

A drop of golden sunshine. A fresh breeze of citrus, grapefruit, white floral, slate and a bit of toasted vanilla. You know, like those cookies you had when you were a kid. Drink in the citrus, apple, pineapple, a lick of granite, and those beloved toasted vanilla cookie again. Lovely, smooth and a beautiful wine to accompany the new Martin Walker novel, “The Shooting at Château Rock”. Absolutely love his “Bruno Chief of Police Series”. His books always take my brain to France, the wonderful people, the beautiful food, and of course the lovely wine. I highly recommend escaping with one of them.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Makes it more juicy and fruity and tart. Brings out the sharp tart apple

Les Tète Blanche is a wine project created by four friends: Nicolas, Philippe, Baptiste, and Vivien and they say, “Les Tétes is about friendship, and wines you drink with friends.” Which leads me to another group of four friends of a different feather, the infamous “Golden Girls”: Rose, Dorothy, Sophia, and the colorful and amorous Blanche Devereaux. Do any of you remember Blanche’s tropical bedroom? Well, it turns out it has quite a following. I hadn’t even finished typing her full name in Google, and the hallowed bedroom popped up. Turns out the set design team had to keep the bedspread under lock and key while they were not filming. Read more about it here, and raise a glass to friendship!

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Don’t Forget To Soar

WINE MEMORIES from 5.16.19

Don’t Forget To Soar 2017
Southold Farm + Cellar
White blend
Texas High Plains
Roussanne & a little Albarino

It’s a beautiful straw yellow. Inhale & here comes the melon, salt, smoke, tiny white flowers loveliness, vanilla & a whiff of cola. Sipping now & here comes the melon, some citrus, salt and honeysuckle. I love honeysuckle. Growing up we had a hedge. I’d love to pick the flowers, pull the stamen out & taste the sweet nectar, while steering clear of the bees. My great grandfather was a beekeeper, so we had an abundance of them. They loved all the different flowers our apple orchard had to offer. Such wonderful memories of a simpler time.
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