A Golden Island Cocktail

Vinícola Taro
Blanco 2019
DO Lanzarote
Organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
Winemaker: Pablo Matallana
Label artist: Carlos Matallana

Pure spun gold. First sniff and something a little wild jumps out to say “hello!”, then follows singed brioche, smoky goodness along with a citrus blend w an IPA grapefruit floating in and out and after time warm honey follows…also some freshly rained on concrete and a salty breeze (yeah it really does, I’m not quoting a cheesy greeting card). Drinking a cocktail of orange, tangerine, and lemon with an IPA twist, melon, pears and apples, serious smoke as time goes by with a kiss of salt, and a granite/mineral (volcanic soil fed) lick. This is crisp yet complex and damn wonderful!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: digging it!

As much as I love this bottle, just looking at it and all I can think is of La Palma’s volcano which is causing evacuations, destruction and terrible air quality. I know Vinícola Taro is from Lanzarote which is fortunately one of the eldest islands (technically dormant) and placed far enough away that so far they are currently safe, but according to El Pais is eventually (far, far in the future) “destined to sink under the effects of erosion”. If you are interested in the birth of the Canary Islands, their growth, and what is currently happening, check out their very informative article/infographics.

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Gravity’s Pull

Nicolas Arnou
Chouette! 2020
100% Chenin Blanc
Organic, natural wine, no filtration or pumps, gravity cellar, and following lunar patterns
Les Champ-sur-Layon, Pays de la Loire, France

Deep gold warmth. Scents of apples, oranges, pops of hay, all spice, hazelnut hints, and honeycomb (my great-grandfather was a beekeeper and oh how I love those bees…nothing like chewing the comb). There’s also an underlying funk that fades. First sip and dang that’s natural! Here comes hay, apples, apricots, green pluots, orangina and a light taste of circus peanuts…hmmm. Just lively moon-dappled vibrance!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: mmmmmm crisp

Turning from the life of an electronics engineer to winemaker, now that’s a nice career change. Nicolas definitely doesn’t have bats in the belfry, but he sure does in the cellar. When he took on his 10 hectares of vineyards (part of Domaine de la Raimbaudières) there was also an old 3 level gravity cellar housing his new bio beneficial friends. More new buddies can be found inhabiting (and assisting in) the organic grounds from the small ladybugs to the haunting owl on the label. So, I have to say this is a first for me, another of Nicolas’ wines “Le Canon à moutons” makes an appearance in a comic book (“Sauvages!!!”). Ok, this isn’t like L&R or Deadpool, but the artist Otto T. depicts Thomas Ferrand collecting wild edible wonderments and what is better to pair with a foraged finds menu than natural wine? 🥂

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