A Gift From Our Mother

Twisted Cedar
Petite Sirah-Petit Verdot 2018
65% Petite Sirah, 35% Petit Verdot
Acampo, California (vineyards)
Lodi Rules sustainable and certified green
Tribally owned by Cedar Band of Paiute Indians (Cedar City, UT)
Winemaker: Karen Birmingham

Dark dense inky deep purple with ruby flashes. First sniff is rich. There’s cherries and plums (fresh and dried), roses, blackberries, fresh sage (like when you rip it straight from the garden), and earth. Now on to the taste and again cherries, plums, then blackberry jammy sweetness, earth, spanked sage (like you’d use in a cocktail, have you ever had a sagetini? If not try it), and smoke. As it breathes, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries grow in such a beautiful way. Very easy to drink on day one, and can’t wait for tomorrow to see where we go.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smooooooth berry velvet

“The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us; that which we put into the ground, She returns to us.” -Big Thunder

Little did Cedar Band know that the Great Spirit would lead them back to their Mother through wine. This is my first tribally owned wine, and I questioned why had they decided to venture into the industry. The answer was a govt. shutdown. Cedar Band had all sorts of projects with the govt. and when they shut down, the payments disappear. Realization hit that they needed to find a reliable and sustainable project (they deeply respect the land) which wine fell into very nicely. The tribe also leans to the matriarchal, so working with a female winemaker, Karen Birmingham seemed like perfect fit. She also makes wine at LangeTwins, where Cedar Band sources their grapes that meet the Lodi Rules and that is one big certification. There’s over 100 sustainability practices, and I will leave you to read through the 144 page pdf. As they say, “When you drink a glass of wine made from Lodi Rule certified grapes, you are supporting a farmer, a vintner, and an entire agricultural community that embraces their responsibility to care for the environment and their neighbors.” Buying these wonderful wines (like Petite-Petit), you are also supporting and providing jobs for the strong and proud tribe of the Cedar Band of Paiute Indians. You are helping keep a heritage alive while enjoying their gift from Mother Earth.

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We Could All Use a Heroine (or a Sidekick) Right Now

Iconic Wines
Sidekick 2018
Cabernet Sauvignon
Lodi, California
Sustainable farming
Winemaker: Birk O’Halloran

Deep ruby shine. Inhaling cherry and dried cherries, plum and prune, flowers, and of all things pine sap like the same smell from the small forest near my grandparents home. There’s a deep richness and some smoke. Wow, first sip and it packs a delicious punch! There’s deep sweet cherries, dark plums, raspberries and blackberries. It has some rustic earthiness, then juicy, and here comes the velvet, and at last a small touch of licorice. Fabulous!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: dried fruit explosion

Iconic Wines was started by Birk O’Halloran and Karl Antle (college buddies), and according to their website, Birk made his career by “drinking his way up the supply chain.” Honestly from what I’m also seeing, he did this with a lot of hard work and picked up influence both from California and European styles. They have two lines, Heros and Sidekicks. Sidekicks are the best bang for your buck. Made from locally sourced grapes from different vineyards that they rely and trust. I can vouch for this reasonably priced wine. If I didn’t know the original sticker, I would have thought it was a lot more $$. On top of such a fab wine, just check out their labels by artist Cliff Chiang. He’s known for working with Lucasfilm, DC Comics, GQ Magazine, ACLU, etc, and very importantly his and Brian K. Vaughan’s comic book series “Paper Girls” which has been green-lit on 7/23/20, by Amazon for a television adaption (exciting!). In short, the wine and the labels are totally kick ass.

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