Vinyes Singulars
Minipuça 2016
Xarel.lo 100%
Penedès, Spain
Ancestral Method
Organic, biodynamic, native yeasts, vegan friendly, and from what I read…aged in a Spanish Civil War air raid shelter
Winemaker Ignasi Segui

A glass of pale lemony gold. Let it breathe a short bit and then inhale. There’s salt, a touch of smoke, then lemon, apples, pears, and slate. First sip is vibrant with lots of tiny bubbles, at first some hay, lemon, and apple. It’s crisp with a smidge of spice which may be cinnamon. As time passes it melts into grassy light sweetness.

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Cartoixà 2016
Winemaker Eduard Pié Palomar
Baix Penedès
Catalunya Spain
xarel.lo (Cartoixà)

Lovely gold color. Nose is light citrus maybe faint orange or tangerine, slate, salt and white pepper. Swig and it’s tart, tangy, a little pepper, citrus (lemon and tangerine), and a small bit of pear. It’s a crisp and clean quencher. Biodynamic and wild yeasts, but not one ounce of funk. Honestly, I cannot remember if I got this wine here, or brought it back from Spain, so going to give credit to all where I may have picked this up.

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Pairs with Mando

Celler Mas Candí
Cabòries 2016
Sumoll, Mandò, Xarel.lo

Shiny, happy ruby with a really cool label to boot. When first opened had a little barnyard that ran out the gate and never to be seen or sniffed again, and replaced w berries & mineral. First sip started with a zing. Second sip and it’s a light fresh red that gives your nose and tongue a little tingle. Raspberries, blueberries, a touch of mineral, and a little citrus kick. Yes, it’s most definitely a red, and it’s a perfect red for the beginning of Spring. 

New note from 5.11.20. Anyone that knows me that just seeing Mandò, where that takes my head. If you haven’t watched it yet, you have no idea what you are missing. Well, it will be back in October! Get ready!

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