Basking in the Sun

Cascina degli Ulivi
Bellotti Bianco, 2019
Cortese 100%
Piedmont Italy
Biodynamic and organic

A glass of spun gold…breath in and embrace the orange, lemons, and maybe a touch of rosemary. Sip and there’s apples, peaches, lemon, some tangerine tart tingle, and a bit of mineral. It’s a fun friendly wine that asks you to take it out on a boat and bask in the sun.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: brings out the lemon and adds some smoke. Very smooth.

Side note: This weekend, I’ll have to revisit Jonathan Nossiter’s Natural Resistance to reflect back on Stefano Belloti’s life and how while he was here on this earth, broke the rules and championed the natural ways. Louis Dressner Selections has a lovely post honoring him and an interview with Belloti from 2011.

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