A Gentle Caress Of Peace & Love

Anne Pichon Wines
Gris Montagne 2022
Ventoux AOP
Grenache 50%, Cinsault 30%, Syrah 10%, Carignan 10%
Organic, biodynamic, sustainable, indigenous yeast
Ventoux, Rhône, France
Winemakers & nature lovers: Anne Pichon & Véronique

Very light orange pinky rose. Nothing is overpowering in the scents. It’s fresh yet a little creamy with cherries, plums, some mellow melon, and sea breeze & wet stones. Sip and it’s delicate yet vibrant at the same time, plums (red & yellow with the fruit, skins & all), cherries, pomegranate, that touch of cream feel, a strawberry/raspberry blend with salt & lick of rock, and a lemon zing slides in toward the end.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: absolutely delicious

Every bottle of Anne Pichon’s wines that I’ve had fill me with different emotions. Some have been passion, others pure joy, and this one a gentle caress of peace, love & and a dreamy slow moving time in the countryside. Now back to how this wine came about. Anne & Marc (her husband, who sadly passed away) Pichon found a perfect place to make wine in an already organic yet left behind domaine that came with quite a romantic name in my bee & bug loving book, “Mur-Mur-Ium” (the buzzing song of bees). Aptly named since they even have a beekeeper that’s placed his hives in the vines, which is a sheer delight for me. As I’ve babbled about before, my great-grandfather was a beekeeper & these beneficial creatures fascinate me. There’s a video “The T Edward Morning Show with Véronique of Anne Pichon” & her description of her brother Marc as a nature lover full of passion & a free spirit was so beautiful; how they as a family decided to continue with the winery even after his death is so touching. After listening to Véronique’s words, their “Sauvage” wines seem to me to be like a love letter to nature, it’s complexity, strength & beauty. ❤️🐝

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So Easy To Love

Mad Med
Le Rouge 2021
Dry Red Wine
Grenache Noir 50%, Carignan 10%, Vermentino 40%
Organic (working on certification), native yeast, unfiltered
Provence, France
Grapes selected, vinified, aged & canned by Harry et Max

Please chill before popping this can. I know it’s sometimes hard to wait, but trust me it’ll be sooo good. Pomegranate cranberry stained glass. At first there’s a butter glazed whiff that fades. Scents then emerge of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, dark cherry, and yummy brioche. Sipping and here’s a cocktail of all those berries & cherry with a granite zing. It’s a fun bunch of juicy and dry all at the same time. Throw it in the cooler and crack it out on a mountain trail while checking out the turning leaves.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: refreshing and deeper

Ok Mad Med, once again you have really surprised me on how good a wine in a can, can be. This red & white grape blend (vin gris?) rocks my world. You make it so easy to love you, and so easy to take you anywhere…well, anywhere that is legal. Still awaiting word on if you’re related to my favorite “party pig” #bobsinglar  Also take note this can is kind of like the Tardis, and you may consume more wine than you realize, so beware of 🍷 goggles.

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Enjoy The Silence

Companyia Vitícola Sileo
Sileo 2020
Grenache 90%, Carignan 10%
Cornudella de Montsant, Montsant, Catalunya, Spain
Winemaker: Agustí Torelló Sibill

Maroon crayon with cranberry shimmers. Breathe in and there’s a gentle creamy start, cassis, cherry, raspberry, and a little oak chip that adds a bit of rugged oomph that leads to back cherry, and a tiny eucalyptus lift. Sip and cherries, raspberries, blackberry, blueberries and it’s at first a rugged in a good way that turns into a suave velvet song. Also all that berry goodness gets mixed in with that eucalyptus that now am realizing is more hyssop and a lick of limestone.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes it sooo smooth, so go on and grab a wedge of really good sharp white cheddar

When I grabbed this bottle, I honestly wasn’t paying a lot of attention except that Monstant D.O. was on the label. Well, well…we meet again Agustí Torelló Sibill. Last time was a lovely AT Roca sparkler. Sileo is a whole other delicious nurtured creation, that means to be still or silent (Latin). Silent isn’t exactly what I feel about this wine. It’s so alive and develops the longer you spend the evening with it. Maybe that’s what the label is telling me to do…stay still…enjoy the moment and let the the flavors whisper you the tale of their land.

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Snuggle In For Some Cold Weather Comfort

Domaine Santa Duc
Les Quatre Terres 2017
Côtes-du-Rhône AOP
Gigondas, France
Grenache 70 %, Syrah 15 %, Mourvèdre 10%, Carignan, Cinsault, Clairette 5 %
Organic, biodynamic, minimal intervention, wild yeasts
Winemaker: Benjamin Gras (6th generation)

Garnet glow. It breathes and then it’s buttery at first but heads out. This is all replaced with cinnamon, plums, cherries and some earthy goodness. Touching my tongue and it’s juicy, earthy plum and prunes, dark cherry tang that leads to velvet with a kick of smoke and black pepper. Slight flower sweetness hangs around in the background which leads to anise

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: It plows right over the Cheez-it. Becomes more robust.

Les Quatre Terres (The Four Lands) is so named due to the four areas the grapes come from: Vacqueyras, Rasteau (Crus), Roaix and Seguret (Côtes-du-Rhône Villages). Each one gives the gift of their terroir to this delicious wine. Really has me craving Montesacro’s (Brooklyn) Maranella pinsa which has mozzarella, broccolini, homemade spicy pork sausage, stracciatella di burrata or either my South Carolina pulled pork I’m making this weekend with a mustard based sauce. This is so perfect for the cool weather creeping our way.

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Where’s My Burger?

Château d’Oupia
Les Hérétiques 2018
Pays d’Hérault IGP
Languedoc, France
Carignan 90%, Syrah 10%
Sustainable farming
Owner: Marie-Pierre Iché
Winemaker: Laurent Battle

Beautiful shining ruby just like those famous slippers. Inhaling buttery that goes away to develop into flowers, cherries, raspberries, plums, and earthy dried pine straws. Sipping dark cherry and dried cherries, raspberries, blueberries and a smidge of pepper. This is screaming for a really good fatty burger, or maybe that’s me screaming for that burger. Where on earth is it? Oh, and don’t forget that side of salt and pepper fries to go with that…Sugarburg any chance you’re delivering at this hour?

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes the wine more bold and structured.

Marie-Pierre Iché and her mother are now in charge of the Château (along with winemaker Laurent Battle), but Marie-Pierre’s father, André Iché, paved the way for them. As others in Languedoc were just selling their harvest for basically nothing to a co-op, he decided to invest in more sites that he knew would in the end produce in his favor. Being the only independent winemaker around, he took full  advantage of the wonderful terroir and produce quality yet affordable wines. The tales I’m reading, this was an amazing man who had a deep romance with his land, not just for the soil but also the historical beauty that surrounded him. Raising a glass to him and his family, who continue his dream!

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The Strength Within

Ruth Lewandowski
Boaz 2017
a Zero cuvée
Carignan 81%, Grenache 11%, Cabernet Sauvignon 8%
Old vines, organic, unfined and unfiltered
Testa Vineyard in Mendocino County, CA
Produced and Bottled in Salt Lake City, Utah
Winemaker: Evan Lewandowski

Color is a dark ruby garnet and when I uncorked it my hand touched the bottom of the cork, my hand looked like someone had melted a purple crayon. Also definitely unfiltered. Sniffing tart cherries, small flowers, and vanilla that may even be a vanilla cola. First sip is again tart cherries and acid. Rustic and rough around the edges in a natural good way. Very fresh yet the longer it breaths plums grow, raspberries pop out, and the longer you wait the more smooth yet still tart creeps in. It’s full body but light enough to be enjoyed on this hot day. The name Boaz which means “strength is within him” in Hebrew fits this wine. It’s strong, stays sturdy, and stands up over time.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: tones back the acid

I’m a big fan of Lewandowski wines, and of Evan’s interesting pick of using the book of Ruth to name his winery and this wine. Ruth has always been a favorite of mine. She’s a smart, strong woman that also protects her own. Watched “Black is King” on opening weekend and you have to give it to Beyoncé, she is that strong, protective, positive woman, that is a force of nature. For me, her song “Bigger” really speaks to this wine in that same Ruth way. Hoping before I post this, they will release the official video. Until then, this edit from Lion King will have to suffice.

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Batten Down the Hatches

Storm Point
Red Blend 2019
W.O. Swartland
South Africa
Cinsault 56%, Syrah 29%, Carignan 15% 

A glassful of bright garnet. The first whiff is butter which fades out. Cinnamon and cherry pop up next with a little pine and rosemary. Now for the first swig, the tartness hits and then you can feel the alcohol. Next is dried cherries, orange peels, raspberry, pomegranate, pepper, and granite. Let the stormy breeze open up and sweet prune flavors follow.

Pairs with Cheez-Its: Much more full and fruity. Ruby smokey goodness and I’m going to get fat doing this. My dad just sent me another box.

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