Agree To Disagree

Clos D’Audhuy
Les Polissons 2020
Malbec de Cahors AOC
Organic, hand harvested, stainless steel
Lacapelle-Cabanac, France
Winemaker: Benoit Aymard

Deep velvet ruby. Breathing in violets & other sorts of powdery light flowers, raisins, cherries dried & fresh, plums, and a little balsamic reduction. The tastes are all of the above with cinnamon pinch & a small white pepper shake on the back, along with juicy blackberries, a bowl of fun assorted blueberry, raspberry, strawberries and other assorted, smidge of dark chocolate with a touch of cream and silkiness (post a little chill).

Pairs with Cheez-Its tonight I’m just not in the mood. I’ve had one of those weeks or months or years

My S.O. and I have a bit of a let’s agree to disagree moment about French Malbec. Ok, he swears he hates it, but hasn’t tasted this one. Personally every grape from everywhere is precious in their own way in my book, so why limit yourself, and this one is a whole different creature than the Argentinian he prefers. It can be fun, graceful, has a backbone, and has the strength & finesse like women’s rugby team players during a lineout lift. BTW did I mention I love rugby, and am proud that the popularity of women’s rugby is continually growing! Anyway, I was led to this bottle due to Aymard’s “Queue de Pressoir” (70% Ségalin, 30% Malbec) which is one lovely bottle of bouncing happiness. If you can find either Clos D’Audhuy, give them a try because not only are they delicious, they are also gentle on your wallet.

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Rugby Pandamonium

Les Valeurs Sures
Les Blousons Noirs 2018
100% Malbec
AOP Cahors
Saint Sulpice, France
Wine co-op; Cellar master (for Cahors): Hervé Froment

Inky dark ruby with blue highlights (natural not dyed). After pulling the cork, it’s buttery at first, and then start rolling out of the pour are vanilla, cherries, plums, and a walk around a lush dark velvety forest. Hmmm this is really friendly and enchanting. Sipping and white pepper says “hello”, then dried and dark fresh cherry, blueberries, plum and prunes, and a few blackberries wave back. It’s smooth with a tiny upstart fight, but after a bit there’s a light little brown sugar brittle. This is one scrumptious Malbec.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smooth lovely sailing

Who out there loves rugby and of course a good scrum? Well, I sure do; and Vinovalie sees their co-op in team terms. As they say, “Vinovalie is all about collective performance. As in rugby, success is in the quality of the pass – through mutual dialogue and shared exchanges”. They draw on everyone’s diverse experience and knowledge to get the best from their lands and vineyards, and work forward to the best in bottle goal (or a try). Les Blousons Noirs is one cool panda sporting a very apropos biker jacket. Rugged on the outside and warm and sweet on the inside. Hey, that sounds like a description of many players I know. All I can say is grab a glass and let’s head to the match!

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