Dalmatian Coast Dreaming

Bura-Mrgudić Winery
Rukatac 2020
100% Rukatac (maraština, malvasia lunga)
Organic, hand-harvested, indigenous yeasts and grape
Pelješac Peninsula, Dalmatia, Croatia
Family winery: Niko Bura and Mare Mrgudić (brother & sister)

Skin contact antique gold. Oh and before I forget, don’t over chill it. Scents of apples, apricot, allspice, a little grassy/hay, then out pop peaches and orange. Oh those lovely apples are there again in the taste (both crisp ones and sweet), along with tangelo peel, orangey blossoms on the backside, dried parsley and herb mix, a little apple pie too since those spices emerge. It’s clean, awake and alive but comfortably snuggly. I just want to lounge, sip this and eat my new favorite triple-cream cheese, Nimbus. If you haven’t tried Chasehome Farm’s cheese, then head to the McCarren Park Greenmarket on Saturdays, but don’t buy it all before I get there!

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Makes it more tart…so NO! Stick with the Nimbus

Rukatac, a grape with a few names and as I’m researching I’m finding a particularly irritating one dubbing it a “chick wine”. Well buddy, let me tell you, this is an equal opportunity wine. The Bura family have cultivated this bottle into a fresh fine showing of generations of winemaking and their part of the Dalmatian Coast (which I now have a new place to dream about visiting). Their Rukatac might not be the grape they’re best known for though. That would be their Plavac Mali which one of its parents is an ancestral Zinfandel and the other another native oldster, Dobričić. Looking forward to getting my hands on one of their acclaimed bottles.

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