Family Business

Tenuta Hans Rottensteiner
Eisacktaler Sylvaner 2022
Alto Adige Valle D’Isarco DOC
Bolzano, Italy
Toni (father) & Hannes (son) Rottensteiner and the whole family

Lightest shiny yellow brick road gold. Right out of the gate the scents are full on waving at my nose and saying to come in for another sniff. There’s honeydews, cantaloupes, pears & golden apples, a tangerine & citrus blend (reminds me of a hazy IPA), pine needles (oh I think it’s time to get the ornaments out), eucalyptus, and a bit of muskiness. Oh the is so much more gentle in the taste. Again there’s pears & golden apples, pine, eucalyptus, honeydew, watermelon rind, a much smaller citrus twang, and a little mango/pineapple blend that creeps in the longer it’s resting.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Please do not make me do this…blerg!

At Tenuta Hans Rottensteiner, it’s all about family…the whole big family…men, women, and evidently that also includes their vineyards & grapes. Here’s the views from some of the family from their site. As Toni says, “Wine is like a young child to me. It must always be taken care of so that it can mature to be its best, and can be bottled with pride and joy.” Now that’s a good vino parent. For Hannes, he sees wine a little more creatively magical or mystical, “Wine, the beverage of the gods, would never become that what it is to drink without human intervention, but yet its quality remains entirely dependent on nature, and this is just incredibly exciting to me in all its facets.” For Judith, “wine is family tradition with roots, and the courage to innovate.” Lastly Evi sees it as a joyful moment from being raised in the vines, becoming a sommelier, and now having her own vineyard, she can proudly say for each bottle of achievement “That’s mine!” 

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Be a Rebel

Weingut Loacker
Santa Maddalena Classico Morit
Alto Adige DOC 2017
Vernatsch 87%, Lagrein 10%, Pinot Noir 3%
Bolzano, Italy
Organic, biodynamic, vegan, and native yeasts
Founded by Rainer Loacker and is now in the hands of his sons Franz Josef, Hayo, and Hannes

Bright cheery cherry ruby color. After pouring my nose is getting some butter at first but let that glass sit a little while and then don’t think of it again. Then comes the cherries, plums, pinch of pepper, sweet spring flowers, rosemary, and some creaminess with a faint sugar cookie with sprinkles. Wow, that was a lot and I’m wondering if the taste is heading the same way, and I’m not disappointed. There’s tart cherry brightness, bring on the funk that plum funk, strawberries, wild blueberries, black pepper, smoke, and as it rolls it’s velvet with a small orange zest kick One more thing to add, do not be an idiot like me. I was preoccupied and didn’t notice there is a glass stopper and wondered why my opener wasn’t going in. Feel free to laugh at me all you want.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: smooth dark cherry mmmm

Rainer Loacker is yes, that Loacker from the wafer world. You remember those addictive little cookies? In 1979, Rainer saw himself as a rebel in the region, since he knew his winery had to be sustainable. The vines even get homeopathic treatment. Rainer’s vision, which at the time was very much not the norm, and as he says in the video (please click and hear his own words) people told him “Organic wine doesn’t interest us.” He was even called out of his mind. Well, look how much times have changed, and how right his decision was. From this bottle alone, I can attest his diligence has created this delicious, delightful wine. Also according to their site, Santa Maddalena Classico Morit 2017, is not only sustainable, but also organic and vegan. By the way, there are two more vineyards in their hands, and they all hold to the same standards. Do it natural, respect those beautiful lands and you have a recipe for success!

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