The Strength Within

Ruth Lewandowski
Boaz 2017
a Zero cuvée
Carignan 81%, Grenache 11%, Cabernet Sauvignon 8%
Old vines, organic, unfined and unfiltered
Testa Vineyard in Mendocino County, CA
Produced and Bottled in Salt Lake City, Utah
Winemaker: Evan Lewandowski

Color is a dark ruby garnet and when I uncorked it my hand touched the bottom of the cork, my hand looked like someone had melted a purple crayon. Also definitely unfiltered. Sniffing tart cherries, small flowers, and vanilla that may even be a vanilla cola. First sip is again tart cherries and acid. Rustic and rough around the edges in a natural good way. Very fresh yet the longer it breaths plums grow, raspberries pop out, and the longer you wait the more smooth yet still tart creeps in. It’s full body but light enough to be enjoyed on this hot day. The name Boaz which means “strength is within him” in Hebrew fits this wine. It’s strong, stays sturdy, and stands up over time.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: tones back the acid

I’m a big fan of Lewandowski wines, and of Evan’s interesting pick of using the book of Ruth to name his winery and this wine. Ruth has always been a favorite of mine. She’s a smart, strong woman that also protects her own. Watched “Black is King” on opening weekend and you have to give it to Beyoncé, she is that strong, protective, positive woman, that is a force of nature. For me, her song “Bigger” really speaks to this wine in that same Ruth way. Hoping before I post this, they will release the official video. Until then, this edit from Lion King will have to suffice.

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