Fancy Flamingos

Weingut Strehn
Blaufrankisch Rosé Brut 2020
Organic (working on certification for biodynamic), sustainable
Deutschkreutz, Mittelburgenland, Burgenland, Austria
Winemaking Family: Pia Strehn, Patrick Pfneisl, Andy Pfneisl & Monika Strehn

Ruby grapefruit pink and a bit electric and very active bubbles that carry the scents swirling right up to your sniffer. Starts off with a cream/vanilla vibe, raspberries. strawberries, a hint of cherries, crisp apples, and dreaminess. Tasting and there’s a creamy feel that leads to cherries (fresh and dried and as the end of the sip ends a bit of pit), raspberries, strawberries bloom and run around in the blend, almonds and maybe a little brioche hiding that pop in and out. It’s fresh, crisp, juicy and full of love.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: really good and doesn’t change the taste. Snack pack worthy

Oh I totally adore Strehn wine as you can see in my previous post, “Pink Elephants? Don’t Worry It’s a Good Thing”. This time it’s a Fancy Flamingo rocking the Rosé, and reminding us as the Strehn family say, “Save our planet – it’s the only one with Blaufränkisch”. Honestly every time I see a flamingo, I think of mom because she had such a thing for these long legged wonders. After moving from my childhood abode, and coming back to visit, I noticed them encroaching in my old bedroom. First it was just one peering from my bookcase, then another beside my drawing table, and then it was like Gremlins multiplying and I couldn’t escape them. My non girly pale yellow and green room had bursts of pink popping everywhere! So I guess it is true, “Home is where Blaufränkisch is” or in my case where the rosé feathers are.

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A Rocking Winemaking Jedi Master

Gönc Winery
Anna 2021
Dry Rosè
50% Žametna črnina, 20% Pinot Noir, 20% Pinot Grigio, 10% Blaufränkisch
Hand harvested, natural winemaking
Štajerska-Slovenia, Eastern Slovenia
Winemaker: Peter Gönc

Salmon on the lighter side. Beautiful mix of scents that sing summer…cantaloupes, honeydew, watermelons, strawberries, red currants, SC peaches from my old orchard (used to make the best hand cranked ice cream), and a whiff of slate. Sipping mild cantaloupe, strawberries, super ripe cucumber, peaches, lemon tingle, and a flinty mineral lick.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes everything more crisp and sharpen

I’m asking all of you to PLEASE watch “I Hate Everything About Wine”, a very short documentary on Gönc Winery. Just going to say it, I’ve never met this man, but I think I’ve just fallen in love with Peter Gönc within over 5 minutes of video. He hated wine because as a boy because his dad kept him working in the vineyard while all the other kids got to go out and play, so when he had his chance to head in a different direction he just took off only to realize later…maybe it’s not so bad after all. On return he realized whoops, he didn’t know how to make wine, so he just Googled & Youtubed. He somehow is like a natural wine Jedi Master or DJ. He feels what is right, and oh boy does it work. While he’s alone in the cellar, rock music keeps him company. One day he just wrote Starman on a barrel and it went from there. Names began to mesh with the labels, so you’re drinking his groove. Albeit the two I had weren’t from that series. Instead I got a UFO abduction and this one “Anna” named for his grandmother. Guess that means I’m going to have to pick up more asap to spin with some Bowie. ⚡️Peter you seriously rock!

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Don’t Forget To Have Fun

Gabernik 23
Rose Piquette (Pikola)
Sparkling Wine
55% Blaufrankisch, 35% Riesling, 10% Pinot Noir
Sustainable, dry farmed
Štajerska, Slovenia
Small family owned winery passed down from father to son
Owner: Janko Bogatic
Winemaker: Nicholas Gee

Color electric cran-raspberry with a big pale pink poofy foam. Popping out of those bubbles are nose tickling raspberries, pomegranate, faint lemon, apricots and their blossoms, and dainty tiny roses. Tilt the glass and take a taste and it’s fresh, zippy and fun…like a last bit of summer memories. There’s watermelon juice, raspberries, those tiny roadside wild strawberries from Canada that I so love, pomegranate cocktail with a little limoncello splash, lilac, and seltzer. You’re not going to want this bottle to end.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: not bad but better solo. Let those flavors fly!

This wine is a reminder to have fun (and not to always be over thinking everything…like I can have a tendency to do), and if I could pair a painting with this wine, it would be Will Cotton’s 2010, “Cotton Candy Katy”…you know the one that was Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” album cover. I just LOVE Cotton’s confectionery dreams so c’mon join me and let’s head over to Candyfornia!

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Anyone Game For a Mosh Pit?

Báró 2020
Rosé Pét-Nat
100% Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch)
Organic, hand harvested, spontaneous fermentation, unfiltered, unfined, and undisgorged
Köveskál, Balatonfelvidék, Hungary
Winemaker: Attila Pálffy

Pink orange with a tiny magenta rim and lots of tiny bubbles with a white foam pour. Creaminess is the first waft right after popping the crown cap and still there post pour. Next up are all sorts of blossoms, raspberries, and light strawberries.  Now for the taste and ZING! It’s a mosh pit of raspberries, crancherry cocktail, blackberries, and a tiny smidge of strawberry preserves. A shake of salted lemon zest jumps in with that creaminess that’s still hanging out.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: Nah, the mosh pit becomes a slow waltz with a partner that keeps stepping on your toes. BLEH

7th gen winemaking family (Pálffy Pince), Attila Pálffy has his side project which shows his heritage’s knowledge and his rebellious side. P.A.N.K. is his creative outlet and experimental flare. From what I’m reading, he manages to tick off the Hungarian “wine police” with his haze and bio side which fits his love of punk and is very evident in his craft aesthetic. Once again, I am on the search for who the label artist is. It’s a bit of street art, fine art, and on this one and others a touch of the animals in Attila’s world. Báró is his friend’s greyhound dressed in a tough rock vibe. Can’t you just see him grabbing the mic and belting out something that would irritate your parents. Keep on howling Báró and Attila!

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Pink Elephants? Don’t Worry It’s a Good Thing

Weingut Strehn
Blaufränkisch Rosé 2019
100% Blaufränkisch
Organic (working on certification for biodynamic), sustainable, and spontaneous fermentation
Deutschkreutz, Mittelburgenland, Burgenland, Austria
Winemaking Family: Pia Strehn, Patrick Pfneisl, Andy Pfneisl and Monika Strehn

Pink Panther pink, or if you’re old enough to remember and were a MTV kid…it’s “Paint the Mutha Pink” pink. Breathing in strawberries, raspberries, roses, a little creamy with a hint of Bouchon Bakery’s Almond Croissants and a little salt. On to give this a swig and a gush of watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, and a twist of lemon. There’s also sprinkles for your frosting that leads to a good bitter herbal bite to offset the sweet

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: nice pairing for a picnic. Throw your bottle in a backpack with some cold packs, Cheez-It, and head up the mountain so you can breathe in some  fresh clean air.

Joseph Strehn founded Weingut Strehn back in 1950, but his offspring are all over the winery now along with some pink elephants, but they warn you to not think of them, just focus on the Rosé. They had the arduous job of tasting over 100 different rosés from all over the world, traveling/hanging out in Provence, and maybe actually by that many they were seeing some pinkies (I probably would be). They started this project in 2017, to get their rosé just right, and guess what…it worked! Their great love for Blaufränkisch is more than just the grape, it’s also a way of life for them. Their enthusiasm is emblazoned all through their site with quotes like, “Save our planet – it’s the only one with Blaufränkisch” and “Home is where Blaufränkisch is”. With their nurturing care and being situated in a wonderful area/climate, it grows well for them and can be weaved into a varied assortment of their wines. Their Blaufränkisch Irrgarten (red wine) is definitely one I would love to try given the chance to find one because their description is absolutely scrumptious!

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Let the Vineyard Speak

Heaps Good Wine Co.
Offshoot 2019
100% Modra Frankinja (Blaufränkisch)
Rosé Pet Nat
Ritoznoj, Pohorje Foothills, Lower Styria (Štajerska), Slovenia
Methode Ancestrale, minimal intervention, dry farming, sustainable
Winemakers: Marija and Nick Gee

Watermelon juice with tiny white bubbles bouncing. Oooh this is filling the air with ripe strawberries, raspberries, a pinch of salt, a little bread coming fresh out of the oven (but not sourdough. I don’t want to see sourdough ever again). Wow, what a zingy punch at first swig! Again there’s strawberries, raspberries, Royal Ann cherries, lemon spritz, a light puff of smoke. It’s tart, fresh and creamy all at the same time.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: makes that lemon spritz pop

Nick and Marija Gee have been at this since 2010, and from Nick’s blog, he looks like he has no problems getting his hands and feet dirty. Their wine guidelines are more about what you don’t do. Let nature take it’s course. Like when they got hit with a hailstorm, they rolled with it and just picked the damaged grapes (Sivi and Modri Pinot) to use for sparkling base and let the ones that survived keep on growing. As they say “let the vineyard speak”. Well, it’s doing more than just speaking in this Rosé Pet Nat, it’s outright singing. I wouldn’t say a classical tune but more like björk’s “triumph of a heart”. I had forgotten how much I love that song, and this shiny glass brought it all back.

Oh, also if you want to check out some more work by the New Zealander label artist, Jacob Sparrow, give his site a click. Pretty cool, out there and trippy art!

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