Helping Out Dad

Poderi Vaiot
100% Barbera
Barbera D’Alba DOC
Aged in apricot wood casks
Montà, Cuneo (Roero Hills), Piedmont, Italy
Owners: Daniele and Walter Casetta

Deep ruby with blue pops. At first that gentle butter/caramel whiff that waves bye, then cherries, plums, raisins, sultry dried figs, blackberry, and a nice grind of black pepper. Sip and there’s cherry with some oomph & plums, blackberry brambly, dried cherries & blueberries, raisins, a little date (dinner & movie anyone), black pepper, and a teeny smidge of cardamom the more it opens.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: richer, deeper and dried fruit

Daniele and Walter are the 3rd generation of this winemaking family. Their dad Franco taught them early on how to work with the grapes and care for the land. Daniele recounts in one of their winery videos, memories of when they were kids they would “help” out their dad in the cellar. Even if it is true as Daniele says that they may have been adding to their father’s work, it was definitely not a waste of time. Everything he imparted throughout the years has paid off and these brothers are keeping his memory and dream moving forward.

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