Powers Of The Sun, Moon & Stars

Domaine Apostolidi
Assyrtiko Agia Triada 2021
100% Assyrtiko
PGI Kavala
Biodynamic & organic certified, indigenous yeasts
Kavala, Greece
Efthymios and Vasiliki Apostolidi (brother & sister)

Light twinkling golden starlight. Breathing in a gentle lemon/lime/citrus blend along with a smidge of peeled tart apple, and wet cool granite. Taking a sip and there’s lemon & old school Lemonhead candy, zingy lime, a honeysuckle drop & fresh clean honey (no comb), crabapples, good shake of salt with a lick of conglomerate rock, a smidge of ginger, and on the exhale a friendly herbal blend of thyme, oregano, basil & more.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: more rich and very delicious

Each generation of Apostolidi have worked to move their winery forward. Their starting point was back in 1958, when the first vines & vineyard took root and by 1981, the 2nd generation (Ioannis) began their expansion. 3 hectares (2003) then grew to 10 and a new winery (2007) filled with ambition. Now the 3rd generation (Efthymios & Vasiliki) are up to 13 ha and a new outlook where fresh ideas mingle with the past. After their wine studies in Germany, both returned to add their own push further forward with going certified biodynamic & organic (which has had a delicious outcome). Their words sum it up best, “We consider a vineyard to be a living organism. Behind it is a complex ecosystem, in which the microcosm is related to the macrocosm. By taking into account the rhythms and cycles of nature, that is, cosmic influences such as those of the sun, moon or stars, we use their powers, for us. In this way we work with and not against nature and work for a successful agriculture. In the 21st century, we humans have forgotten how to understand and use the knowledge our ancestors taught us from thousands of years of observation to accomplish our work.” ☀️🌙✨

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Let It Show You It’s Life

Monograph 2021
100% Assyrtiko
Koutsi, Nemea, Greece
Co-owners: Yiannis Paraskevopoulos (winemaker & Ph.D in oenology) & Leon Karatsalos

Yellow starlight with green gentle shimmer. Breathing in pears, a little green melon ball w peach, apples that bloom into honeysuckle, a citrus blend of tangerine, lemon & more, a little fresh picked cucumber peel, and granite. Wow one sip takes me on a delightful rollercoaster ride! Lovely lemon/lime & lemongrass, pear, papaya, a smidge of pineapple, apple, ripe home grown (well watered) cucumber, parsley in the back, and nicely dry at the end of this tale. This is a lovely glass of wine that everyone will say pairs well with seafood, etc. but I love it alone. Sit alone. Let it open. Let it show you it’s life.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: lovely

Gai’a or aka Mother Earth births beautiful wines with one foot in tradition and the other following new experiments in technology and growth. This is all symbolized in their logo of an ammonite/nature’s Golden Ratio which combines the beauty of nature and science. Makes sense having a wine scientist running the show (Yiannis Paraskevopoulos). 🔬🍇🍷After all this education and delicious wine, venture through Nemea to view some of the history left behind. There’s the Temple of Zeus, the nearby archeology museum, learn about their ancient games, and enjoy a relaxing moment in the present.

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