The Duck Is Magic

Luís Pato
Baga Rosé Espumante Bruto
Amoreira da Gândara, Barriada, Portugal
Winegrower & maker/Baga Whisperer & Champion: Luís Pato

Stained glass amber/orange (or some might say pink grapefruit cocktail) with a magenta glow and tiny active bubbles tracing designs on the surface and as I glance am I nuts or does one look like a standing duck. I swear this is my first glass. Scents of strawberries & raspberries with a splash of faint orange peel & cloves/holiday spice. First sip and woooweee! Tingling & tart strawberries, raspberries, red currants, a little squeeze of lemon way in the back, and a mineral lick. Crisp, light and delightfully dry.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly refreshing & not exactly what I expected

Loving this lively sparkler from the Duck Daddy himself, Luis Pato. I’ve tasted and written about many different forms of his & his daughters’ bottled flock; and each are so unique, delicious, and filled with a spark of life that runs throughout. Some flap their wings in joy, others soar, and then there’s always that duck that walks its own path and leads you down a good wild side. They’re serious about their Barriada land & grapes, as Luís says in the trailer for “Pato Pathos” celebrating his 40th harvest in 2020, “We always have to innovate, always do better, we cannot stop in time.” Well, they’re also serious about having fun and a good laugh, which you can see from Luís’ signature expression of hands/palms up by his ears & tongue out in silliness in pics and on his “Pato Rebel” bottle. There’s even a t-shirt which if I can find out where to buy one, will proudly wear because in all ways, the Duck is magic!

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Festive Redemption

De Stefani
Refosco 2021
100% Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso
Veneto IGT
Sustainable, Biodiversity Friendly, indigenous yeasts, no added sulfites (which they are very proud of and I applaud)
Fossalta di Piave, Veneto, Italy
Alessandro De Stefani (4th generation)

Deep royal ruby. Sniffing and there’s cherry with a creaminess at the start, then all of a sudden blackberries bounce out, and after a good bit of air a raspstrawberry blend, licorice, pinch of cedar/pine needles, and as it continues it’s softer and more gentle. Now tasting those blackberries again with a little boysenberry, dried & tart cherries, Baker’s chocolate bite, a single pine needle that winks and then disappears, and a little dried fig too w a touch of balsamic reduction. A glassful that’s dry, rich and perfect for my evening with a good book.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: surprisingly smooth and beautiful

The Redentore line of De Stefani wines honor Venice’s yearly “Festa del Redentore” that celebrates the end of the 1575-57 plague (who wouldn’t want to celebrate post such an horrific time of illness, death & grief). Started as a religious festival/feast and a promise to God to build a the Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore (Church of the Most Holy Redeemer), it’s now a beautiful weekend (3rd in July) that is filled with fireworks that people will talk about for ages, incredible food, music, boat parties & historic ships, festive decorations, and a city filled with joy and of course wine. 🍷 If you want to get a quick glance of 2022’s locals and tourists partying down, check out Venezia Unica’s clip.

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