Waiting For The Rain

Domaine du Possible
En Attendant la Pluie
Tout Bu, or not Tout Bu
VDF Rouge 2021
Grenache 70%, Mourvèdre 30%
Organic, hand harvested, indigenous yeasts
Lansac, Roussillon, France
Winemaker: Loïc Roure

Deep ruby/magenta with blue electric pops and rim. Sniffing cherry, strawberry starbursts, red Twizzlers, and blood oranges & zest that has been singed. Ooh this is yummy sipping…dark cherry, strawberries, those Twizzlers again & a cherry jolly rancher with a touch of licorice that leads to a welcome herbal bitter bite. This is so chuggable chilled or not.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: meh

I asked a friend to recommend something delicious, something with character, and boy is Loïc Roure a character. Just from his labels, you can already see he makes the best of what the world throws at him and has fun doing it. Right there in print is “En Attendant la Pluie” aka “Waiting for the Rain” which at times he’s had to do and source grapes from other vignerons/friends he respects and live up to his standards. From this blending of grapes and friends leads to “Tout Bu, or not Tout Bu” “Drank (drink) all, or not to be drunk” (from my poor translation which I’m sure is a mess) and I say double thumbs up to drinking it all. Then there’s the name “Domaine du Possible” and he’s one of those winemakers that has proven all is possible, because he wasn’t always following the vine but previously worked for Amnesty International before getting bit by the natural wine bug. And one more thing about him that makes me smile are the pics from his cellar that’s covered in rocking stencil art & marks of his love of music. He’s definitely très cool!

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