Youthful Memories

Domaine de Rochebin
Bourgogne Aligoté AOC 2021
100% Aligoté
Azé, Mâconnais, France
Mickaël Marillier (son) Jean-Pierre (father), & Laurent Chardigny

Warm shimmering golden. Breathing in pears, apples, allspice, mace & other pie spice, lemon/lime squeeze, touch of salt, and apple & orange blossoms floating on a warm breeze. (Have you ever been in the middle of an apple orchard and a gust kick up the blossoms swirling all around you? Growing up in an orchard, I’d anticipate Spring and the magical fairytale land that would come with the first budding/blooming scents to the moments of watching the petals flutter upward, sideways, down and decorating my hair and clothes. Was a beautiful spring blizzard that was almost like a dream and so happy to have the memory to hold in my heart.) Now back to sipping this lovely glass…all of the scents are right here in the taste with a bit of an apple tree twig (a little bark & greenery), a teeny touch of honeysuckle nectar, Valencia orange & lime zest.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: delicious like cheddar cheese on warm apple pie

I have no why I kept bypassing this bottle in the fridge because turns out it’s exactly what I needed right now even with the chill outside. As you can tell from above, it brought up warm happy youthful memories that I hold deep in my mind and heart…nothing like those innocent joyful moments. Sometimes to jostle those recollections it only takes a taste of a warm cookie, the feeling of fresh crisp early morning walk as the streetlights are still on and the sun is just breaking, or in my case just a fragrance of simple blooms from an elegant glass of wine. ❤️

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