The Language Of Flowers

Sonshine Vins
Blanksia 2019
100% Colombard
Biodynamic, indigenous yeast
Jujurieux, France
Winemaker: Lisanne van Son

Spun gold. Breathing in and it starts out soft or should I say creamy with mellow peach, pear & apple, a tiny tangerine whiff, pluots, and salt. Sip and it elegantly glides in with nectarine, pear & apple, also those pluots again & green plums, a lime/citrus stabilizing spark, and lick of slate. It’s just fresh, delicious, and full of life.

Pairs with Cheez-It’s: vibrant joy

Blanksia’s name is taken from Australia’s Banksia flower(s). I had always wondered what these exotic looking beauties were. Turns out they symbolize rebirth and new beginnings which could represent each part of Lisanne’s wine globe hopping tale. Originally from the Netherlands (somm life started there), then on to the stops in the UK & Belgium, next up is France where she set her sights on making her own wine in a troglodyte cave with grapes from reputable organic/biodynamic grapes which she was part of the hand harvesting. She doesn’t stop there either, bc there’s also Australia and another project with other natural wine friends in the Adelaide Hills. I can’t wait to see where or what she has coming up next!

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